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28th March, 2017 and 09:00 AM.

Waiting at the office elevator in the ground floor. The lunch bag in one hand and the cell phone in the other hand….
I have the habit of checking emails in my cell phone as the crappy elevator often gives me nuts to wait for a long time..
Dragged down the messages in the email app to get the latest.. One message caught my attention, the subject says “Site down, Urgent”
Oh..yeah, there are a plethora of such messages with the same subject, as I dragged the email screen down and down and down….incessantly.
All those emails started coming from 06:30 AM today…. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to peep into my emails earlier today due to sleepless night yesterday (don’t ask me why, it is a different story.. 🙂 ) woke up late, had quick makeup for work and just rushed to the office..

Quickly opened the latest message.. It says, ” ….. Mr. M (//my respected boss’s name//) & company have made our site down…”
“F..king shit..”, were the words came out loud from me automatically… The persons standing beside me were giving me strange looks…
I didn’t care a damn, started reading the details into the other similar emails and while reading only rushed into the elevator, as I felt some sense of commotion from the fellow passengers.
Well, those emails were from one of my clients, saying his website was completely down since 19:00 that day..bombarding us and complaining the performance of the system..etc. and asking us to bring up the site back ASAP…. It is in production and nearly 30000 customers are having accounts into that site…. We are having the maintenance contract with them..
“Seems like, my day started crappy…Hmm..”…but my thoughts got interrupted, as I heard, “third floor…” from the lift boy…
Given him a thankful look and got out from the elevator.
While walking, punched the reply to the latest message, “Just reached office, we will take a look and get back to you…” and hit ‘send’ as the security was opening the main door for me.
Before going to my office, had a glance at the relevant developer seat. Empty.
Switched on my workstation monitor and logged in. Searched for the production host in the huge list of saved putty sessions in multi tabbed PuTTY.
Found the entry and double clicked on it. “My bad….” The putty console gives message, “unable to use key file, the location,blah blah blah..” Not able to login into the production Linux!
Gone to the location, E:\ in my desktop, to check for the .ppk file. Boom.. There was no .ppk file there for the login auth.
It was good, any way because it made me know why I was not able to login. My hard disk was been replaced recently and forgot to take the backup of that .ppk file.

I didn’t have much time to fiddle with keygen tool to generate a new key and all, as it is production issue. So, called up my QA person who was working remotely due to maternity reasons.
She answered my call, ” looking at the site down emails…”
Made her interrupted, “OK. Please login into the production host…and see what’s happening…I’m not able to login….here…”
“Can you send me the .ppk file you have, in an email asap?”, I asked her, as I wanted to debug on my own because of the issue severity and priority…

Got the .ppk file in 2 minutes… Meanwhile, figured out (googled) how to drag a ppk file into a putty saved session for the auth purposes.
“Voila”… logged into the production host… Irony is, I had to figure out some other stuff before figuring out the actual problem.

Just before starting my investigation, I had a look at our internal chat messenger contact list to see my in-house developer was at desk. No, his icon was still offline.
OK, and in a matter 5 minutes, found out (using some networking and Linux commands) that some body (???!!!???) rebooted the production box at around 19:00 that day and as some services like tomcat, apache etc. were not started on system reboot.
And the resolutions were pretty quick and cake walk, because I made our guys to document all the necessary steps in our local redmine portal.
The next steps like informing the client and deducing the new task to add some init scripts, happened pretty fast.

The reason, why I’m posting this story is not like we have got a problem, found the root cause and giving the resolution.
But it is about how the persons behave on their loss at others, seeking help, in a helpless state. Seems like, we need to think like, if such problem happened to us, how we should feel and behave instead of deriving useless meanings. It should be productive.

I don’t know.

And in a different context – this is appraisals period. Any hung-up souls should REBOOT themselves to refine or rejuvenate their inner resources in order set the targets for the coming new year… Happy Ugaadi.



I was figuring out the much publicized Hadoop and it’s MapReduce framework capabilty on an equity stock to deduce how often it’s last price is been changed by a particulr percentage. It is amazing.

It happenned to read a short story, Nine Billion names of God by Arthur C. Clarke, today. It is a scientific fiction where a Tibetian Lama assigns the Software Company owner with a task to arrive the nine billion names of God. Those names should have nine letter combinations from a specialized alphabet. The Lamas were trying to derive these names for the past three centuries, thinking it would take still more 15 thousand years to finish this task, if manually!! So they wanted to hire a software engineers to finish the task in a matter of three months using a mainframe computer. Dont ask me why the Lama wanted those names, that is not the point here.

But Point is – if Arthur knew about Hadoop at that time, the story might have become different…….

A forcible bye

I’ve lived in fear of a unique, terrible moment ever since my son, Aarush was born — the day I leave for work and he notices.
One of my friends told me that his kid, as he got ready to leave for work, would go on crying and crying, crying like the entire world was coming to an end.”Velloddu Nanna! “(don’t go dad!) he would wail. “Please don’t go!” But my friend would forcefully go himself away and nearly die, turning his back to see his boy begging and pleading. He said,it sure broke his heart, each and every day.
Could I take that,if that’s my case? Could I leave? Could I walk away from my son,whose cheeks’re streaming down with tears, who wants nothing but his father’s company? How could I? I was dreading and fearing about the idea.But I knew that day would come.
And one day,that day finally came. As I began to gather my things to go for work,Aarush,in the middle of playing with toys, looked up at me with his innocent eyes. He came to me and caught hold of my finger and smiled a wonderful smile!!That’s just for me! Then he followed me to the front door, said a wonderful “bye” and closed the door behind me.And me left happily as i heard him laugh and ran back to his toys.

Another phase came!! But it’s not that much easy for me(like saying “bye”)to compete with Aarush,in suppressing my feelings whenever i drop him at his school, now a days.

PS: Wrote this post nearly one year ago.

Mr. Man

I was talking with Mr.Man the other day and his pants kept vibrating. I see that effect on people.

No, no, sorry. I mean, his Blackberry is set to ping him every time an e-mail arrives, and the man gets two hundred messages a day. He’s got the palm-in, wrist-up Blackberry unholster motion down.

But does anybody really need to be that connected? Are those messages so important that they can’t wait for him to finish being bored by me and get back to his desk? No, of course not. That’s not the point. It’s not the importance of the messages that demands they be checked immediately, it’s the volume.

With the amount of crap being vomited up by his Ethernet connection — all day, every day — it’s tough to walk away from the spigot for fear that he’ll return to waist-deep water. He reads his mail in real-time to avoid being greeted by a hundred-message pile-up when he gets back from lunch. Bringing the computer with you is the only way to keep up.

One’s entire life can be devolved into an endless, grinding slog through his/her back-log. Everything he/she can do is about catching up, doing the stuff he/she didn’t get done the day before, plowing through some other goddamned thing that needs his/her attention. Ending the day without actually adding to the total aggregate is a victory. There are times when it piles up faster than he/she can shovel it away.

And the computers are at fault, of course. Always the computers.

The tools you use to manage information have evolved to the point where you can abdicate the tedious process of gathering it all together to them, and they now do a very diligent job of making sure that it’s all brought to your attention. Endlessly. Maddeningly.

The proper solution, of course, is to further improve the tools. There are plenty of rants out there about how to fix feed readers and e-mail clients or to allow community filtering and sort-by-affinity. And that’s all great, and I’ll heartily welcome the day when Outlook is smart enough to simply trash the messages that I’m going to trash anyway, before I even see them. (Rule: “From: XXX” to “Deleted Items”.)


Are you lazy to get up early from sleep? And this affects you going to your college or office on time? And you hate your habit of getting late in the morning? Then what might be the solution for it? Alarm clock comes into our rescue,naturally. But this solution cannot rectify the problem for so many people.Why?
“God made lazy bums. Man invented the snooze to make them even lazier. And am not sure who invented the concept of “Office” to make the lazier ones repent for their laziness.” These are not my words. Somu, a vivid blogger,in his previous post Snooze alarm describes how he suffers with this problem in a very interesting way..
And there is a good news for the people who sincerly want to get rid of this habit. Here it is:
Gauri Nanda of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT), invented an alarm clock that runs away and hides!!! It is designed to overcome abuse of the snooze feature on most alarm clocks, Clocky falls to the floor and rolls away on the first push of the snooze button. To turn it off, a person must get out of bed and find it. Interesting? Read more on Slashdot or the MIT website. And Gauri was recently awarded the Ig Nobel prize in Economics for this invention. In the MIT site, you can have the mail id, phone number and address if wanna proceed further!!
And I e-mailed Gauri, congratulating her. She was so nice, replied immediately and thanked for my interest. She said in the mail that Clocky was about to be put into production and would be on the market early next year. A certain amount of pre-release Clockies may be available to list subscribers, sign for which can be found here:
Subscribers will also have a chance at a Clocky giveaway.
Well,I too have this kind of problem.But I’m less worried about this all. Because my son,Aarush is a natural alarm for me!! He gets up early at 6am and makes me get up to play with him.