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Spent some time with one of my relatives family in Kuchipudi (near Vijayawada), during last weekend. The unforgettable moments are when I knew about the whiz kid, Pooja (the girl wearing green blouse, in the pic) and her mother.
Pooja is born with a disability that affects movement and body position. Her hands and legs are semi-paralyzed. Don’t know if it is called cerebral palsy or some thing. However, got to know that the movements, body positions, and related problems can be improved or made worse depending on how we treat the child and how damaged her brain happens to be.

Hmm. She is 16 years right now. Studying 10th standard. Chatted with her for some time. She is quite talented and amazing. She is trying her hand in learning Hindi too.

But, what i discovered is – about her parents, especially her mother being so courageous, balanced and never expects any sympathy from anybody.

All i can say that is – Pooja’s parents’ greatest gift to her is their love — “It was so hard for them but right from the start they are doing their best to make Pooja independent.”

Bless their family…20151024_201445


Intelligence or Wisdom

Sarathi: Hey Ganga. do you know the difference between Intelligence and Wisdom?
Ganga: Umm..Not so sure..Guess both are one and the same? or Intelligence could be how inteligent you could react to a problem spontaneously and wisdom could be like how you…..Oh, c’mon..i give up.. you tell me…your take?
Sarathi: Haha. Ganga, let me narrate a small incident before i tell the difference. There was a conversation between one father and his 10 year old son.
Father: Deepu. what do you wanna become when you grow up?
Deepu: i wanna become a great scientist…Wanna invent more and more useful things to the public. Wanna earn more money.. And you know, wanna build my own big and big house with a big lawn…so many rooms inside..separate study rooms for my kids, guests, different rooms depending on my mood, office rooms for me and my wife…a wide variety of cars for all of my family members……….(his imagination goes on like that..)
Father: Deepu..wait..wait.. But where are we, me and Mama in your story?
Deepu: How come you will be living with my family? It will be just me and my family, right? That’s what you are also doing….my grand pa and ma are not living with us…..
Sarathi: See Ganga. That Deepu has applied his intelligence to determine that his father and mother will not be living with him in his future story, because of his Dad’s experience. Deepu utilized whatever knowledge he has and applied practically. But here is the wisdom. He may or may not know why his Dad parents are not living with his Dad. Point here is – he doesnt have the maturity to determine or understand why his grand parents are away from them. That maturity itself is wisdom. We need to impart our kids to go to that maturity level..
Ganga: Hmm..Sarathi, i think, i could understand the difference now. For example, let’s say, one person is earning two hundred thousand a month and another person is earning just one hundred thousand a month. If the second person saves 20 K per month and if the first person saves just 10 K per month….I can say that first person is more intelligent than the second person…..but the second person is more wiser than the first person?
Sarathi: Fantastic, Ganga… That’s the thing…
The above conversation happened between me and my colony friend, during this weekend while going to a farm house…. food for thought?

Cent per cent

I thank God for giving great health to my son, Aarush who secured cent per cent attendance for the academic year 2013-14!


I still remember

“…So you sent out your grand ma in a grand manner..How old she?”
“Um. Some 85 to 90 years..”
“Hey man..long way she has gone through..forget it…i’m sorry for your loss too.. Dont mind me saying, its good that she is gone…and…”
“’s fine…”

It was a small but informal conversation between me and my team mate when he came back to office after his grandma’s funeral.

It brought back my memories with my grand mother. I dont know if I was affectionate with my grandma but I can surely say that she was very affectionate with me. She was a farmer’s wife and herself a farmer managing both home affairs as well as helping my grand father at the farms. We used to go over there to our village, Mandavalli in Krishna district every summer and had fun. She always paid special attention to me when compared to my three sisters. May be it could be because i’m the only grandson or they put my name derived from her husband’s name, Gangayya or I used to help her during harvesting seasons or male dominant society at that time or I dont know. Special attention occurred in so many ways like – she used to give only one egg to my sisters but two for me; Allowed me only to go and get mangoes from our farms; Used to come to the school during interval every day, when i was studying first standard in my village and to feed me with omlets; She used to go by walk for five kilometers to make my dresses stitched; and this list grows and this post will go beyond the limits if I keep on telling.
And you know, she never lost her temper with me. In fact, i was a very tough and spoilt brat during my childhood. 🙂

She did so many good things for me. But I did fail to fulfill her wish. Her wish was to see me married before she dies. So sorry for her.


I still remember her excitement when she took a ride with me on my first motor bike.
I still remember the taste of her mango avakaya pickle and Ariselu
I still remember how she served me when I was affected with chicken-pox

I still remember the way she ran her fingers through my hair.
I still remember. I still remember.


I bit my tongue while eating. Got soap in my eye while washing my face. I could not get the desk out of the table in search of something. Got sprain in my ring finger while trying to move the sofa to somewhere else. Someone hurt my feelings. A representative in an organization barked at me, over telephone when I asked a question.
My day was really crappy until …..I saw the wonderful look of sheer glee on one little girl’s face as she was about to eat her ice cream.
I was wallowing in my own self-pity today and seeing the joy of life on that lil gal’s face made me realize once again… that the world does not revolve around me.

Read Vs Become

“Nanna! Tell me one thing..”
“This school lesson says, ‘what you read is what you become’.. Is it true?”
“May be babu…”
“If so, I’m also reading the fool’s stories ‘Sheikh Chilli’, now a days. Will I become a fool?”

I was answer less at that question, because it was a school book lesson. We need to know/read what is silly/clever, bad/good, etc to become clever, good etc? I don’t know.


Guess who he is…..

Pic courtesy: Aarush Ambati


I keep hearing good things about my son, Aarush.

Don’t wanna make him as a great man but wanna make him a great boy, instead. After all, he is my sonshine. 🙂

No worry

He needed to pass a message to his son’s class teacher. She urged him to do that while they were going to school in the morning.

Reached the school, parked the vehicle nearer to the school gate and he was walking into the school premises along with his son. But heard from his back, “Hello, please remove the vehicle in front of the gate..” He tried to park the vehicle somewhere else, but no room near by. Meanwhile, a couple of horns were blowing out from the other vehicles. Then he looked at his son and signaled to stay for a while so that he could park his vehicle at a greater distance and come back.

But his son said with a helping tone, “No worry, Dad. You can go office. I will manage my teacher. Will pass on the message. Sure..”

Rajiv Gandhi

He was there at the library. But before to enter into it, one needed to write his name in a register.

He searched the surroundings, made sure that no one was observing him and the he entered ‘Rajiv Gandhi, the Prime Minister of India’ in the register and walked away at a rapid pace.

He stopped at some visible distance behind a door and was peeping towards the desk where the register resides.

Some other guy came at the register desk and glanced at ‘Rajiv Gandhi’. His face was broadened with surprise and confusion.

But did this other guy find out the Rajiv Gandhi or the peeping tom? I don’t know. But I know how did the peeping tom feel at that situation.

Kiddish act…Oh no.. It’s a kid’s act.