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MAARO – Kill the Thought: Trailer released…..

I’ve just released the teaser/promo for MAARO- Kill the Thought on you-tube.

Also, the good news is – the final copy is READY!!! Planning to make it online by next week. Thanks for your support…
Please take a look at the promo at –

Need or want?

We had a big lunch with an young entrepreneur last weekend. After an hour or so, he got up and declared he was going to get a snack. Apparently, he was hungry.

But he wasn’t actually hungry. He didn’t need more fuel to power him through an afternoon of sitting around. No, he was bored, it might be. Or looking for a feeling of fullness. Or the break in the routine that comes from eating it. I guess, he wanted the psychic satisfaction that he associates with eating well-marketed snacks.

For example, are you thirsty?  Well, drinking a Coke or Pepsi doesn’t satisfy thirst nearly as well as water does. What Coke or Pepsi does do is satisfy our need for connection or sugar or brand fun or consumption or remembering any of experiences with our friends etc.

One more example. Think you could live without the Rs. 1500 (oops! The symbol for Rupee changed. I need to wait for the devanagri symbol to appear on the computer keyboards. 🙂 ) a month you spend on a mobile phone service and Rs. 1200 a year you spend on cable TV (??  I don’t know the actual cost right now, because I made it disconnected one year ago due to my kid’s annoyance. 🙂 )?

Of course you can. You did it a 10 to 15 years ago. But now, that high-speed, always-on connection to the rest of the world is so associated with your basic need of connection that you can’t easily divorce the two.

What’s interesting to watch are the things that we can’t live without, the things we think we need, not want. Those things won’t get cut, yet most of them aren’t needs at all. That’s because the industries that market these items have done a brilliant job of persuading us that they are needs after all.

And is it true that- People don’t buy what they need but they buy what they want?

Your life

I found these quotes today and they struck me as very profound and it sums up how I feel about life:

“Nothing is ever wrong. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.”
“Life is like a bicycle. You don’t fall off unless you stop pedaling.”

I am discovering that even my most painful events and memories serve a purpose, they helped me become who I am today. All my life I have been learning, maybe not even realizing it, but I have been making discoveries, changing and evolving, becoming more ME. I feel like I am in such a great place in my life right now, I have made connections with the past, made peace with some painful and traumatic memories, I have learned to forgive, that each of us did the best we could with what we had available at the time, I guess in some ways, I am growing up, becoming REAL. I am trying to become healthier, do more for myself and I recognize the need to put myself first. If I don’t take care of me, then I can’t take care of anyone else.

What do you say?

What do you want to do with your life?

I’ve got this friend and we’ve been e-mailing back and forth for seven or eight years now about what we want to be when we grow up. It’s become largely an academic question, because he’s now in his mid-thirties and I’m in my, ah, very mid-thirties and the course of our lives has been set — by the choices we’ve made while waiting for adulthood to show up, by the responsibilities created by those choices and by the people we’ve accreted into our lives during that time. It turns out adulthood doesn’t happen on your twenty-first birthday so much compile via sediment over the next decade or so.

Family, check. House, check. Car, check. Going abroad, check. You can get all that. So why do we keep asking the question?

Because it doesn’t feel completely answered: What do I want to do with my life?

That’s easy — or, rather, it’s easy to answer. I want to create something, build something, make something, with my hands and my brain and whatever tiny bit of passion I can muster. It doesn’t even matter what, really: cool things; fun things; interesting things; silly or stupid things. Things that make other people happy, or amused, or enraged, or some goddamned way other than what they were when they came in. Things that get a reaction, that have some sort of meaning, to me and to others. I want to exercise my creativity in ways that corporate and familial responsibilties don’t offer. I love my family and like my company, but they both need me to be solid and predictable and reliable. I want to be that, of course, but more, too. I want to do something.

And the doing turns out to be the hard part. Time, energy, motivation — they’re all necessary and all drained away by the work-a-day world, by all the other things that there are to take care of, the stuff we have to do because our families and our jobs depend on us getting them taken care of. I come home, ground down to a tiny little nub by work and the commute and everything else, and have dinner and talk to the kid and put him in bed and… I’m done. My brain curls up into a little ball and cries itself to sleep. Day after day after day.

But when all is said and done, that’s a pretty poor excuse, isn’t it? For all the hardship in the world, if the only thing standing between me and some sort of existential satisfaction is that there’s too much else to do, well, then, hmm.

A bunch of smiles

While walking around the tankbund this morning I saw a bunch of geese which reminded of an incident happened during my childhood.

Its about an old lady who lives in our neighborhood. She is the grand mother of our friend, Bobby.

The old lady is mean. Real mean. She used to yell and hit kids with a broom the other day because they went to get the ball in her yard. We were petrified. You should have seen our eyes.

She deflates the tires of people who park their bicycles outside her house.

The old lady is mean. Real mean. She complains to the parents if someone in the neighborhood disturbs her afternoon sleep by knocking the door to call Bobby.

The old lady is mean. Real mean.

I don’t think she has smiled since she was born.

Not until that day.

I saw her down at the park on Boats Club Lake walking that morning.

That morning the mean old lady was scowling at some kids who were feeding the geese.

Suddenly one of the geese chased the group of kids who ran off giggling excitedly. One of the kids was rather slow and the goose managed to nip him on the backside. The kid cried and burst into the most delightful, hearty laugh as he ran into his mum’s arms.

It was so cute that everyone around found themselves smiling.

Even the mean old lady.

Right, it was only a two second smile that was framed by a scowl.

Never the less it was a smile.

And I saw it.

I hoped and prayed she would get to enjoy a few more of those that holiday season.


She just held him in her arms. She kept on holding him. He felt his heart beating for both of them. Then she smiled and took his hand. She held his hand tightly all the way back to the car without saying a word. As they walked together he knew, without her having to say anything, that she would love him and take care of him no matter what. And she did.

Sometimes a simple touch can be more powerful than a waterfall of endless words that tumble end over end out of somebody’s mouth.

A forcible bye

I’ve lived in fear of a unique, terrible moment ever since my son, Aarush was born — the day I leave for work and he notices.
One of my friends told me that his kid, as he got ready to leave for work, would go on crying and crying, crying like the entire world was coming to an end.”Velloddu Nanna! “(don’t go dad!) he would wail. “Please don’t go!” But my friend would forcefully go himself away and nearly die, turning his back to see his boy begging and pleading. He said,it sure broke his heart, each and every day.
Could I take that,if that’s my case? Could I leave? Could I walk away from my son,whose cheeks’re streaming down with tears, who wants nothing but his father’s company? How could I? I was dreading and fearing about the idea.But I knew that day would come.
And one day,that day finally came. As I began to gather my things to go for work,Aarush,in the middle of playing with toys, looked up at me with his innocent eyes. He came to me and caught hold of my finger and smiled a wonderful smile!!That’s just for me! Then he followed me to the front door, said a wonderful “bye” and closed the door behind me.And me left happily as i heard him laugh and ran back to his toys.

Another phase came!! But it’s not that much easy for me(like saying “bye”)to compete with Aarush,in suppressing my feelings whenever i drop him at his school, now a days.

PS: Wrote this post nearly one year ago.