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Getting the best

I remember making an FM radio based communication system during the second year of my engineering. I really liked it once I made it.

One of my classmates suggested the loud speaker section to be refined more, so I changed the loud speaker unit with proper impedance matching. Another classmate pointed out the coil which set the frequency of the radio was not properly working. So wound 6 turns of the coil tightly, side-by-side, on the cylinder, then slipped the wire off. Made the winding apart from each other so the whole coil was just under an inch long.  And mounted the ends of the wire on the circuit board keeping some clearance between the coil and the circuit board. It worked more better now.

Someone else suggested I should add another kind of tuning capacitor for much better reception.
Then I replaced it with the better one.

Our Professor for Electronics Circuits-2, who’s passing by then, seen what I was doing and recommended some design changes that greatly improved the audio circuit, making it strong enough for regular earphones or even a small speaker.
And my pet project caught so many eyes and it’s got nominated to the then coming seminar.

My intention is not to show off what I did. But my point is…if I was particularly sensitive to criticism, what would happen then?

I realized that no matter what we do, people will always criticize our work, whether they say so or not.
Forming judgments or pointing out faults is something most people do. Everyone gets criticized.
It’s a part of life. But gettting the best out of all is the most important thing in order to make a project a success.


MAARO – Kill the Thought

Finally, I’m going to fulfill my childhood wish. That is, to make a movie.

MAARO is going to be a  thriller short film structured around the sexual assaults on women and it lets the audience to think about a solution to eradicate this social problem in a sublime manner with a question if there is any fear of the law….

It suggests that one has to be frightened to think about attempting these sexual assaults on women rather than the aftereffects of those attempts. That’s why, the tag line, Kill the Thought and the title MAARO being the Hindi word meaning ‘Beat’.



Well, I’m doing a campaign on Indiegogo crowd funding site in order to gather the required funds. Please check out for more details and to watch the promotional movie (a teaser) at MAARO – Kill the Thought

Request you all to help me out to reach the goal. Thank you!!


Just be careful

A slightly busy road. A person talking over mobile phone.

“ Gatlanae…nen choosta kada…fikar avvaddu…”

“nee paisalu yaadiki bovu….”

“gammuna vundu… aa… gatlane..”


Another person watching him talking over phone and glancing at his wrist watch now and then incessantly…


“..Aare…nae chebtunna kada… Damaag kharrab gaaleduga?….”

“ Daawat eppudisthav?…”





The other person keeps on glancing at his watch and watching the person talking over phone.


Finally, the person talking over phone finished the conversation, kept the mobile in the pocket and was trying to kick his bike….

Then the other person reached him and urged him…”Hey…my mobile phone…give it to me..”


The bike person, “ Dammag karaabayyinda… naa mobile phone adugutunnav… Chal be chal..” and quickly started the bike and disappeared..


The other person was screaming and yelling…”my mobile….my mobile….” But no use. That bike person was out of his reach. This other person was telling to the crowd, “he asked…and wanted to make an urgent gave him my mobile…But see what happened…he ….he…. I bought my phone recently….10000 …”


Helping the people in need might be dangerous. The other way around can also happen. So…just be careful….


We often hear this kind of advice from others, “Don’t take it personally”. Yeah, it is tough advice. Sometimes it seems as though the only way to take it personally. The client who doesn’t like your best work or your tennis mate doesn’t want to play with you anymore..

But the thing is- it is not personal. It’s not about you. How that could be? That person doesn’t really know you, understand what you want, or hear the murmurs in your mind. All that person knows is himself/herself.

If anybody moves on or badmouths you/your work, it’s not personal about you. It’s personal about them. Their agenda, their decisions, their story.

So buddy, do your work, the best way you know how.

Core dump

I gave lectures at a greater lenght two times today on two different occasions. I don’t know if I dumped core on them.

But you know, even a ‘core dump’ has a great value in software development. We do core dump intentionally in order to debug and analyze the issue causing situations….

Catch or Drop

Have you ever seen a person tossing up and keeping in continuous motion a number of balls? Catching will be done perfectly if he throws in a good manner.

It all happens with the risk of a ball being dropped. If that risk is not there, it could become a boring for us to watch him.

My point is- we need to make ourselves in such a way that avoids drops aka failures and if a failure comes moving forward is more effective than being panic or to blame.

Kiddy thoughts

I was listening to their conversation.

“Aarush. Why don’t you call your friend, John and tell Christmas wishes?”
“No Mom. I won’t. He always says their God is the greatest among all. Even our teacher told him not to say like that and all Gods are equal.”
“Ok. Then what’s wrong in wishing him on Christmas day?”
“Yeah. I’m coming to the point. If I wish him he will feel like I’m accepting his God to be the greatest…”
“No re. We shouldn’t do like that. If you call and wish him, he will also call and wish you on our festivals.”
“Ok. If that is the case, I will do. But I don’t think he would call and wish me on all our festivals. His telephone bill would blast up…”

I just smiled and said, “Happy Christmas…”

A memoir

A Civil Engineering graduate from Regional Engineering College, Calicut and retired as an Executive Engineer (Roads and Buildings) was a film actor once upon a time. Acted as the main villain in a couple of  Telugu movies and was a stage artiste with various roles in mythological, historical and sociological dramas.

Acting was for him like as the old saying goes is the art of living truthfully in imaginary circumstances. He used to absorb any kind of script having hundreds of verses with a calibrated machine-gun dialogue delivery. Got the ability to synthesize vivacious on screen presence to bring the show’s huge audience to tears or revelation.

And guess who he is. He is none other than my Dad!!

This post is dedicated to my father.

Brilliant or Behavior or Brilliant Behavior

We generally care about the guys who are clever or brilliant, who get the things done in an efficient manner, who could make any difference.

But as the time goes on, many of those guys who are able to work like this, attain pride, quirks and even obnoxious qualities.

They might demand unusual benefits or great holiday trip or show up late.

We often digest this, because, after all they are super stars. Ain’t I right?

Somewhere and somehow there is a confusion regarding these signals with the work.

Those guys who start with the bad behavior and obnoxious qualities can think like it would be seen as a sign of talent. And they often get away with it.

“Who is that?”, we wonder..”I don’t know, but they must be good at what their skills, otherwise why do we keep continuing them at work?”

It could be  a great plan if it works, but do you think it is a great strategy to be counted on?

But how many of them understand that they obtained that good reputation of being brilliant just because they are brilliant but not for their behavior!!!


It’s not about bottom fishing. He is looking for enough willing and able employees to fill the established gaps in the company. It’s not hiring on the hoof like wholesale filling of average jobs with people trying to be average. He is not looking for a soul mate at a singles’ bar.

It’s not about average people. There could be average jobs, certainly, average in that they require people to fit in, do what they are told and follow the manual.

But he is looking for selective, interactive and long term.