I was figuring out the much publicized Hadoop and it’s MapReduce framework capabilty on an equity stock to deduce how often it’s last price is been changed by a particulr percentage. It is amazing.

It happenned to read a short story, Nine Billion names of God by Arthur C. Clarke, today. It is a scientific fiction where a Tibetian Lama assigns the Software Company owner with a task to arrive the nine billion names of God. Those names should have nine letter combinations from a specialized alphabet. The Lamas were trying to derive these names for the past three centuries, thinking it would take still more 15 thousand years to finish this task, if manually!! So they wanted to hire a software engineers to finish the task in a matter of three months using a mainframe computer. Dont ask me why the Lama wanted those names, that is not the point here.

But Point is – if Arthur knew about Hadoop at that time, the story might have become different…….

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