Bet your paycheck

“Wanna develop my dream product…the cloud based e-commerce one..”
“You know any company with top class development services?”
“You should get it from AnnaTi Tech… My full recommendations!”
“Smart employees and management.”
“Really? Will you bet your paycheck on AnnaTi?”
“Well, I am not a betting guy at all. But looks like I can start now, there’s always a first time for everything!!”

There are some chances like-  the smart guys will give their best, no doubt about it but as they learn more, they realize that they need to learn more. They learn some more and they realize they need to learn some more. In this journey, they don’t get a chance to share their knowledge. My point is NOT that they are selfish or they don’t have time or they don’t have any incentive to do it.
What they forget is that most of the knowledge/skill-set that they already have is either becoming “known” to them or going into their “unknown thinking.” Becoming known means that there is nothing special about it. Becoming their unknown thinking means that they don’t even realize that it’s knowledge. It becomes part of them.
For example think about  like we learned alphabets in our childhood. Or the multiplication tables. It is in our unknown thinking and we don’t think about that as knowledge.

But any way, there will be smart managements too.


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