Weekend matters

On last Saturday I went to a garments show room (not intended to buy anything but to kill some time as the Department movie preview show was delayed). As usual, I poked around the Juniors section. Nothing. It was all  jeans and t-shirts that said things like “Prince” and “Idiot” and “If there’s grass on the field, let’s play ball!” Then I wandered past the Men’s section, and suddenly there were things I liked. And they all fit me.

I shouldn’t be surprised that if I bought a shirt from the Men’s section, it would take me almost two days to come to grips with it.

And this Sunday…

Just came back from a dinner party. There met an old friend, Pallavi (name changed) from college. But she is not looking old in age, I can say. I was talking to her aunt, telling her that Pallavi and I met in college and we’d stayed in touch ever since.
“Oh,” she says. “Were you one of her professors?”
Whereupon I wanted to hit her with my…. but I knew she was just joking when she patted on my back and burst into laugh.

Alright. Fun apart. Two statements have stayed with me as I’m entering into the new week. The first is that courage does not mean the absence of fear but rather it is doing something afraid. The fear does not stop you. Do It Afraid?

And the second is this. Perhaps we are meant for “such a time as this”. What do you have to offer? To your family, to your neighbours, your community, your friends? We realized together that the small changes in life are often overlooked to emphasize the big ones such as job changes, marriages, having babies, etc. The simplest acts can be just as effective and carry with them just as much meaning as the ‘big’ changes.


6 thoughts on “Weekend matters

  1. Aisha says:

    Real men don’t think of hitting anybody,specially women!! Gangadhara, Ganga is already sitting on your head man 😀 You have no chance.

    Have a great week.

  2. Priya says:

    She was little caution not to encourage you with pallavi (??) and gave more respect:-)))

    Did you wear the typical looks of prof’ when u met her? Like some special specs.. Lol

    Btw, glad you had fun time during the weekend.

  3. Abhishek says:

    Professor saab :p

  4. Seismic Rays says:

    lol @ your weekend experiences.

    And rightly said, courage makes us overcome fear in doing things, with respect to the second note, things are labelled ‘big’ and ‘small’ by us, but when think in retrospect, it all seems the same, in fact we try to weigh making thinks appear big, to satisfy our fantasies

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