Swimming thoughts

7:00 AM, 1st May 2012 Greater Family (Indoor) Swimming Pool, Lower Tank Bund, Hyderabad.

I was at the swimming pool today morning. My son joined swimming classes this Summer! Watching the would-be/wanna be and expert swimmers has become a habit to me for the past couple weeks.
Noticed one gentle man listening to music via his iPod while swimming! That iPod has a jacket which could be water resistant up to a few feet in the water. Just in case if he needed to listen to the songs when he was swimming under water. Cool. I believe, a product is extraordinarily successful when more and more companies try to make their products just around that extraordinary product. iPod is one among them?

5:00 PM, Office, Hyderabad.
You needed to learn/figure out more and more into the depth no matter how big the scope is. But once you master the subject, how/what do you think? If you learned swimming to stay afloat, does it really concern how deep the pool is?
Got it?

2 thoughts on “Swimming thoughts

  1. Hari says:


    I think we practice this in our everyday life.

    We drive, but don’t know the details of engine, transmission of the vehicle. Like wise we use Cameras, Mobiles, Computers and APIs without knowing the inherent details (depths).

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