Divineness in Wait

He’s just married. Just a couple of hours ago! Some officers from Border Security Force came to him and showed a letter about the commencement of war at the Border! Only a few hours left behind to start from home. He had only a night left to spend with his wife. Now he looked at his bride and thought to himself how it would be if those moments stopped forever!

Remember? Yeah, I was listening to the song,”Aae jaaten hue lamhon” from a Hindi movie Border. Beautiful song. Nice lines..
Well, ”Aae jaaten hue lamhon” is about a soldier asking the time to stop because he wants to spend a little more time with his newly wed wife.

But what about the feelings of a wife, more particularly what about the wait for her husband, after he’s gone to battle field?

Almost every kind of wait can be a disgusting thing. But here, what does this word ‘Wait’ convey? Is it anything like waiting for a job? Is this waiting like waiting at the airport to catch the next flight? No! We get vexed to wait for a long time in any worldly matter. But is this any worldly matter like meeting any celebrity or film personality? No! In this waiting there is yearning. There is pining. There is expectation – something like the waiting of the Beloved. She’s waiting and waiting, waiting and waiting, until he arrives. She doesn’t wait out of disgust.

How dreadful wait it is!! But she bears it all, and bows submissively to face the consequences.
And I believe this process of waiting is essentially Divine!! And I wish all these divine waits be successful at the end.

Pic courtesy: Sushma Sabnis, of Mumbai, my blogger friend. She has drawn it exclusively for myself!!

5 thoughts on “Divineness in Wait

  1. Bonita says:

    Sushma has created some lovely impressions with her work. I know she enjoyed doing it for you. Good one, Ganga

  2. Dewdrop says:

    Sushma’s painting and Ganga’s thoughts together portray an insightful imagery. Yearning for our loved ones is indeed filled with eagerness and anticipation. Kudos to the patience of a soldier’s wife. And thts a lovely song.

  3. Invincible says:

    Yes Ganga, so true ! The soldier’s wife waits yearning for her husband to return, but the same time prays to God that he should make the country proud. The sacrifice gives the soldier martyrdome, his bravery is a matter of honor, respect but the wife is just left with memories. Her sacrifice is far more significant.

    The pic conveys your thoughts perfectly.

  4. Rays of Sun says:

    Came here after long time, Ganga! and what a post to come to..I can so not miss this post!!!
    Beautiful thoughts..and u know just today I listened to “Sandese aate hain”
    Waiting is a pain
    But in the end its a gain;)

  5. Hari Dornala says:


    You are writing beautifully.

    You may want to index your blog at http://haaram.com/Join.aspx?ln=en where more readers can ffind it.

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