I was coming to the office today by my bike as usual. But unfortunately the spring of the side stand was broken. So that metal stand remained in the DOWN state touching the road all the time during my journey. It could be quite dangerous whenever I took sharp curves while driving, so I was driving cautiously. No shops open to make it repaired as it was early morning 8 AM. Even I didn’t try it to fix the stand by tying it with any rope temporarily, but I took risk.

But it made me face blessings from so many respected citizens on the road, saying like -“Hey, your side stand, pull it up… Can’t you see? … Hey babu, kallu dobbiniyya?…Intlo cheppe vachhava?”. I kept on saying the reason to them.

Need to make the side-stand good, back to the original state!

Btw, our Hyderabad citizens are so generous and good…..Helping nature?


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