He was wondering, during his experience, why JAVA needs three classes to read a file.
But the experience he got the other day was different when he was interviewing a Java Programmer (JP).

He: ………
JP: ………
He: How long you have been familiar with JAVA?
JP: Umm. One year.
He: How do you open a file?
JP: Open a file? OK. Click on the ‘File’ in the top menu bar…
He: Aha (?)
JP: Select ‘Open’, browse through the folders from the open dialogue, select the file you want and hit ‘enter’. The file will be opened. That’s it.
He: That’s it!!??!!
JP: ……….
He: ……….

And don’t ask me what was his next question to JP….


6 thoughts on “P(oo)r-o-gram

  1. LOL…programming has become a joke. who to blame? colleges? system? sad state of things…

    • jarvarm says:

      I’m glad that you shared this incident.
      Well, some of the other guys of his class may answer your question..But the question is how many students are focussing on the concepts rather than on the academic percentages or so..

  2. itoctopus says:

    No I really want to know what was his next question. How do you close file?

    I think the interview is right to question why Java really need 3 classes to open a file.

    • jarvarm says:


      That JP didn’t give him a chance to ask him why JAVA needs three classes, as the JP doesn’t understand java I/O at all. That’s why this post is been gracefully closed.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hari Dornala says:

    Nice satire on our education system! Thanks for sharing.

    When schools and colleges have become the factories of marks, this outcome is obvious!!

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