Stretch, stretch and stretch

That was December, 2009. I still remember the time when I was asked to lead an assignment on Real time Market Data Feed handlers for an ace client. That was good, but the problem was, until then I had never managed such kind of massive and high end mission critical projects. I told my boss that I had no experience on managing such a big account, though he knew the same thing. But he said it with a Zen-like calmness, “You just need to know the concepts. Be familiar with the Linux system – file system, i/o, sockets, threads, ipc, monitoring, logs, debuggers, utility tools, etc… Be familiar with market data feed. Be familiar with networking, hardware, multi cores. Focus on the functional side and learn those. You will do good.”

Well, that was definitely a situation that stretched me.

Looking back, I know that it was a good thing to happen – it became clear to me that we all have more capacity and capability to do way more than what we generally do on a daily basis.
Plus, nobody can stop us from artificially creating situations to stretch ourselves and grow.
Your Boss may have many opportunities to create such stretch situations. At that particular moment, you might criticize your Boss but (in the future) almost always you will thank him for creating those situations.


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