Catch or Drop

Have you ever seen a person tossing up and keeping in continuous motion a number of balls? Catching will be done perfectly if he throws in a good manner.

It all happens with the risk of a ball being dropped. If that risk is not there, it could become a boring for us to watch him.

My point is- we need to make ourselves in such a way that avoids drops aka failures and if a failure comes moving forward is more effective than being panic or to blame.

7 thoughts on “Catch or Drop

  1. Shivan says:

    Quite inspiring one, Ganga. Liked it.

  2. Rajender says:

    Ironically, Right message at right time (for me). Thank you sir…

  3. Manish says:

    Nice thought Gangadhar..especially the comparison with juggling in risk no game….failures are just the part of any enjoy the game..if failure will come then it too shall pass..

  4. Manish says:

    and yes you are looking great in your new pic..:)

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