Brilliant or Behavior or Brilliant Behavior

We generally care about the guys who are clever or brilliant, who get the things done in an efficient manner, who could make any difference.

But as the time goes on, many of those guys who are able to work like this, attain pride, quirks and even obnoxious qualities.

They might demand unusual benefits or great holiday trip or show up late.

We often digest this, because, after all they are super stars. Ain’t I right?

Somewhere and somehow there is a confusion regarding these signals with the work.

Those guys who start with the bad behavior and obnoxious qualities can think like it would be seen as a sign of talent. And they often get away with it.

“Who is that?”, we wonder..”I don’t know, but they must be good at what their skills, otherwise why do we keep continuing them at work?”

It could be  a great plan if it works, but do you think it is a great strategy to be counted on?

But how many of them understand that they obtained that good reputation of being brilliant just because they are brilliant but not for their behavior!!!


2 thoughts on “Brilliant or Behavior or Brilliant Behavior

  1. Hidayath says:

    Are ‘brilliance’ and ‘demeanour’ related? In my experience, I have seen brilliant guys with the expected behaviour of punctuality, ‘down to earth’ quality,…. I have also seen brilliant guys with unpleasant behaviour. I have also seen average guys (in brilliance, of course) with annoying behaviour and average guys with the expected behaviour. If you ask me to device an equation between the two entities, I can’t. For me, they are like, say, measuring intensity of light in miles. or like counting potatoes in litres.. yack… what am I saying?…

    • jarvarm says:

      It’s not about relating those two entities. It’s about combining them and see how professional they look like.
      Hope you understand.
      BTW, I liked your potatoes in litres analogy.:) But I feel it is completely irrelevant to this post. Sorry about that.

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