Your words with him

You say something but it is instantly shot down by him. It hurts. I can visualize that.
Well, you can find a reason why he does so. If you are like most people, you will blame him for not being able to understand. You might say that he/she is too conservative.

If that is not the case, you might go in search of other reasons so that you can again present them to him.
But he/she does not change his/her mind.

You are frustrated and finally it dawns on you that you are in the wrong place. You may need to go to a place that supports you. This is not it.

If  you make that switch, history might repeat all over again. Its unfortunate.
Now, you are NOT frustrated. You are devastated.

What might be the real problem?

It may not be “your words” but it may be YOU.

Think about it. The main force is – who is going to implement “your words”. If that force is weak in the mind of the person who evaluates your words, your words become weak.

“Who” is coming up with “those words”, is sometimes more important than “your words”.

It is sad in a way but it is the reality. You need to use to it and more imprint – DO something about it.


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