The day was too hot. There was a traffic jam. It was the route from Talupulamma Lova (a pilgrim place in East Godavari district) to Tuni. Traffic was been flooded with two wheelers, autos, trucks, bullock carts, bicycles, cars, wagons and sorts of other transport along with the pedestrians.
Suddenly a man came out of his car. He quickly and discreetly ran a comb through his hair by looking at the car’s tinted window glass and got inside the car.

Was he so beauty conscious at that juncture irrespective of the weather and the frustrating traffic jam? I don’t know.


3 thoughts on “Lova

  1. Suni says:

    Haha. Very funny.

  2. PC says:


  3. Varsha says:

    Haha hah….when you are absorbed in yourself the happenings in the world seem insignificant

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