“Hey, Could you take up this project?”, she asked.
“What project?”, he inquired.
“To wrap covers for school books…”
“Oh ho. How about the cost for this project?”, he questioned.
“How much effort is needed?”, she questioned this time.
“That depends on the no of books and the way we need to cover those books…”
“Ok. 30 books. Two covers for each book. one of the covers is a transparent one. Paste a label to each book. Write the content on all the labels.”, she clarified.
“Done. Will do it. Two calendar days.”
“Ok. Two ice creams.”
“Done.”, he agreed.

^ Kick-off meeting –> ROM –> SOW ^

“Hey Pallu! Do you wanna work on this project?”
“Sure, Mama.”
“Will give you one ice cream upon finishing this project.”
“OK, Mama. Would love to do it.”
“Let’s get the material (sheets, labels, books), procure tools necessary (a pair of scissors, plaster, stapler) and start work from tomorrow.”
“Right, Mama”
“Pallu! We need to do like this. One brown cover is to be wrapped first, then a transparent white cover and a sticker label for each book. We will get the class, section, roll number, subject name etc details tomorrow. For labels.”

^ Project Inception –>Resource Allocation –> Infrastructure/Environment Set up and tools –> Requirements Gathering –> Design and Analysis ^

“Here are the steps.
To cut the correct sized sheets from the rolls for all the books.
To wrap and fold the covers.
To stick the edges of the covers with plaster
To paste the labels
To write on the labels

While I cut the sheets, you can attend the task 2. That’s one milestone deliverable.
Grandma will QA this milestone and will show the status after fixing the bugs.
Third task will be assigned to both of us. Half you and half me.
I will paste the labels. You write on the labels. Your handwriting is good.
After QA, we will do the final deliverables for UAT.”

“Ok, Mama. I agree with this tasks list.”

^ Project Plan –> Work break down –> Setting Milestones –>Tasks Allocation –> Deliverables Planned ^

“Hey cut properly. You are wasting the paper!”
“OK baba.. OK.”
“But you need to fold them properly so that there wouldn’t be any sagging.”
“Right. Right.”
“Wow.. See how I’ve done this! it’s been pasted so perfect. So cute.”

^ Project Monitoring ^

Grand ma showed a few bugs like the edges not properly done, some of the sheets are not well cut etc. They fixed all of them.
Finally delivered all the books.

^ QA cycle –> Deliverables Deployed –> UAT ^

“You have done a good job. I will think of giving you another project in the near future. Here are your ice creams. enjoy!!”

^ Project Closure ^


10 thoughts on “Project

  1. PC says:

    it’s cool. πŸ™‚

  2. Lakshmi says:

    Even I am going to handle a similar project shortly with this guidelines.
    It’s cool.

  3. mouna says:

    nice one!! πŸ™‚

  4. PM Hut says:

    As a person who runs a project management website for years now, I have to say this is one of the best introductions to PM. Excellent work!

  5. Sudheer says:

    Amazing work, Ganga. Enjoyed the post.
    …the technical discipline that tells us that nine women can make a baby in one month.

    You believe it? πŸ˜‰

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