Question: What am I getting?
Right Question: What am I becoming?

Question: Why is this happening to me?
Right Question: What can I learn from this?

Question: Why can’t he understand me?
Right Question: How can I communicate so that he can understand me?

I believe, questions have a solid power. If you ask right questions at the right time, it could definitely change the direction of your lives.

So try to look at some common questions that you ask and see how you can reframe them to make more effective.

Given few examples above in the block quote. Will find more and more?? πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Questions

  1. Murthy Gudipati says:

    Yes. Introspection is a very powerful tool we humans possess but a very few are actually using it and living like animals. We are exposing ourselves to too much outside noise like TV, bars, chat, music, radio, etc…

  2. Hidayath says:

    Few great people think “How can I communicate so that he can understand me?”. Few good people think “Why can’t he understand me?”. I don’t know how to categorise people who think “Someone should get a noble prize for making him understand”.

    • jarvarm says:

      I suggest you to not think to categorize any sector. But think like — how can I listen carefully or better myself so that i can understand his/her communication.
      Then everything would be fine for you.

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