Monty and Mona

Heard a story long time back.
Mr. Monty was applying for a job.
“Does the company pay for my healthcare?” he asked.
“No, you pay for it,” the hr executive, Ms. Mona said. “We take it out of your salary each month.”
“The last place I worked, they paid for it,” said Mr. Monty.
“That’s unusual,” Ms. Mona said.
“How much vacation did you get?”
“Forty days,” replied Mr. Monty.
“Did you get a bonus?” Ms. Mona asked.
“Yes,” said Mr. Monty. “Not only that, they gave us yearly bonus, sent us a trip to Malaysia, gave us the use of a company car and threw a big new year party for us each year.”
“Why did you leave?” asked Ms. Mona.
“THEY WENT BUST!” said Mr. Monty.
One may want to get a lot but it has to make sense to the person who is giving it to oneself. If not, it won’t be a long term….
What do you say?

2 thoughts on “Monty and Mona

  1. Varsha says:

    hah hah……..

    Nicely said!

  2. Neha says:

    I am in HR and can give you a lot of gyaan on this…this company had to go bust…specially with all the vacation and car thingi…no wonder waise!

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