Rajiv Gandhi

He was there at the library. But before to enter into it, one needed to write his name in a register.

He searched the surroundings, made sure that no one was observing him and the he entered ‘Rajiv Gandhi, the Prime Minister of India’ in the register and walked away at a rapid pace.

He stopped at some visible distance behind a door and was peeping towards the desk where the register resides.

Some other guy came at the register desk and glanced at ‘Rajiv Gandhi’. His face was broadened with surprise and confusion.

But did this other guy find out the Rajiv Gandhi or the peeping tom? I don’t know. But I know how did the peeping tom feel at that situation.

Kiddish act…Oh no.. It’s a kid’s act.

2 thoughts on “Rajiv Gandhi

  1. Vijay says:

    Ha ha..this was funny..

  2. Neha says:

    We all play a kid at times…we all have a kid in our heart 🙂

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