“Hey, he is my partner..”

“Nope, he is my partner..”

“Na mine…”

“Told you know, he is mine. Go away..”

I was in the school premises a few days back and I saw two kids yelling at each other by grabbing another kid’s hands, one for each. The other kid was weeping as his hands were dragged out.

I got that they were going to a picnic to zoo park and the class teacher asked each of the students to pick up a partner for themselves.

I didn’t understand how to convince them. So, I was looking at them helpless.

Then, one of the two kids stopped yelling out and suggested the other guy, “Let’s ask Nandu itself. Hey Nandu! Whom do you want? Me or Hemanth?”

“Neither of you, Aarush”, Nandu screamed.

With that, the two boys released Nandu.

“Let’s leave Nandu. How about we both, Hemanth? You partner with me?”

“Oh yes, Aarush. I do.”

A leader?


One thought on “Leader

  1. Neha says:

    So good…is this real? Or a figment of your wishes and imagination?

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