Make fun of yourself

I was there in the eye infirmary to meet the ophthalmologist. Before to meet the main doctor, I needed to face some eye tests.

An young doctor asked me to place my chin on a bar inside a state of the art equipment called auto refractor which gives a prescription without any communication from the patient. It takes retinal pictures, peripheral vision mapping, timed acuity tests, corneal surface topography, etc.

She asked me to look straight into the lens. But I was staring at bottom of her neck instead of looking into the lens as she wore a necklace kind of thing which was distracting me a little bit.

“Please be disciplined . Don’t look around. Just straight into the lens”

I felt guilty. “Why disciplined? Looks like she is misunderstanding me”, I thought.

“Well, how old are you?”

“I’m 3x”

“Can you confirm? Is it true?”

“Yes it is, Doctor. But I can’t say that I’m 25”, I said.


The other day, I was at the barber shop, perched awkwardly in a blue leatherette chair, with little bits of hair crawling down the back of my neck. As the barber finished up the sides, he asked me to bend down a little so he could reach the top of my head.
“Oh, this will go much faster,” he said. “It’s a lot thinner up here.”


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