Why What hoW!!!

There are some common assumptions, I observed, that people make during the process of learning and exploring, for example, whenever they try to analyze and run a tool developed by somebody else.

If the tool is working for some people, it must be the right; If the tool is working for some people, it must work for me; If the tool is working for some people, all I need to do is – to follow their footsteps to make it work for me.

But what people generally forget is -to observe how that tool is working for those so called some people.

We teach our kids to learn Math, Science, Computers etc. But how manyΒ  of you teach your kids to be curious? A student who has no good math ability, or no good handwriting or not able to sit properly for just a few minutes gets immediate attention. The student with no curiosity, on the other hand, is no problem at all. They can be easily managed?

In order to make anything better, we need “Why”, “What”, “How” kind of questions. Aint I right?


12 thoughts on “WWW

  1. PC says:

    Asking questions is the best way to gain feedback, both positive and negative which can be constructive. It allows not only individuals but companies as well to better themselves, become more personable, effective, efficient, and increase customer service. Even in our individual lives asking questions broadens our perspective on life, gives insight to things we never knew, sparks new interests, and allows us to meet and engage with people we never thought we would. There is nothing wrong with wanting to know why thing are the way they are, or why we do things. Life is about learning from new experiences, and constantly becoming better people and we cannot accomplish this without asking why.

  2. Some people like “Curiosity killed the cat”. Some like “Curiosity is the mother of all inventions”. Depending on the person’s karma, he/she forms his/her own destiny.

  3. Anandini says:

    Having courage, patience, and an inner sense of security becomes key to being able to allow questioning… As we are more stable within ourselves and where we stand, we can not only allow questioning, but we can encourage and provoke others to question… and in so, promote more creativity, more innovation, and more unique solutions… to everything! πŸ™‚

  4. Mahesh says:

    I don’t agree with you. see this video,

  5. mouna says:

    u are right. but i guess, that there should be levels of curiosity, and a child should be told that.

    don’t u think so??

  6. Jayashree says:

    We are in a hurry. We just want to get things done with min possible problems. It’s like taking the known path.
    I do feel if this is an intellectual property of a person. I mean they are born with the brain that’s always busy with WWW :).

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