Call me later


“Ah. Hello. Tell me.”

“What are you doing? …..”

“Wait.. Will talk to you later. I’m busy with some other things here. OK? Please. Please. Call me later.”

He was in a mood to share some important personal thing with her. But she was not in a position to listen to him.

Have you ever encountered like this? That is, when you are eager to share some news with your loved one, but the loved one tries to break you…


9 thoughts on “Call me later

  1. thecatsman says:

    Yes I have and regaurdless of her circumstances he ends up hurt.

  2. det-res says:

    I don’t know about loved one, but I find it annoying when I get cut off.

    • jarvarm says:

      Of course, we find it annoying.
      But I said if it was your loved one. How can we irritate so easily on loved ones? The point here is – how you can release the thing that you want to share with your loved one. You wanted it to deliver at that moment only! πŸ™‚

      • det-res says:

        I see what you mean. It has happened to me. I now just write an email so I don’t miss the moment, and then we talk about it when we can.

        I think to hold an expectation of a desired response all the time is a tad bit unfair when we know it is impossible to responsive the same way all the time. I think we have to accommodate for being humans.

        What do you think? Can you be identical in your response time, method and enthusiasm all the time, every time?

  3. N says:

    happened lots of times:) specially with husband, when he is in office he seriously gets into only work and doesn’t seem to feel anything else:) well, its just situational, i get excited but he is too calm about life, so it just goes on, i bang the phone, send a threatening sms and he calls me back but by then the excitement is gone:)

  4. jarvarm says:

    Well said, DR I agree with you. 100%.

    Neelima: I just visualized what you narrated. πŸ™‚ Life is like that. Have to accommodate, like DR said.

  5. Art says:

    Happens a lot of times… I would say either way… but since u say loved one… that % of forgiveness always comes in…

    Ofcourse after lot of bashings πŸ™‚

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