Where are those …..?

Where are those decorations that come up with neatly swept front porches which are sprinkled with water, mixed with cow dung and with beautiful rangoli (muggulu)?

Where are those rangolis  decorated with colors and adorned with marigold flowers placed on the fresh cow dung balls(gobillu)?

Where are those houses that are cleaned and decorated with mango and banana leaves?

Where are these Bhogi mantalu corresponds to burning of wood logs, useless wood etc as a symbolism of the destruction of the evil?

Where are those delicious food items that are prepared in the household like the traditional dishes prepared on Sankranthi day – pulihora, boorelu, paravannam, garelu and so on?

Where are those entertaining sights during sankranthi -Gangireddu, Haridasu, Jamgamdevara, Budabukkalavadu, puliveshaalu and gangireeddu?

Where are those traditions like “bommala koluvu” which is the display of various dolls and toys?

Where are those …..?

Where are those …..?

Have you seen any of them these days? I witnessed all of them during my childhood. But none of them today…

Happy Pongal, anyway.


6 thoughts on “Where are those …..?

  1. hidayath says:

    Visit a village, the soul of India, you can find all those. For the cities (except Chennai), I can say, they faded into thin air…

  2. Suchi says:

    Beautifully said, Ganga. I can relate to this. Everywhere in India including villages, these traditions are diminishing. Time has come like we need to tell these things to our kids like – “Once upon time ….”.
    Your short posts are always interesting. They take less time to read, but take long time to think upon there onwards.
    Happy Pongal, Ganga.

  3. mouna says:

    happy sankranthi!!

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