Love Letter

My six year old son started writing letters. Love letter. Hmm. I know, what caused him to write. Yes, when his Mom was readying for a travel trip to Karnataka and Tamilnadu, leaving him alone at home.

But, how does a mother react by seeing this kind of letter?


9 thoughts on “Love Letter

  1. The mom left the family back to pursue spirituality. What to do ?

  2. Hidayath says:

    The Mom should preserve this note. Not for he will not write it again, but for it is written by a naive writer. It’s worthy more than a million dollar.

  3. mouna says:

    the first love letter? should be kept real safe.

  4. N says:

    A precious first letter for mom:) the most cherished and amazing childhood story in future for mom

  5. madhavi says:

    as a mother i would not have gone leaving him alone

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