What went wrong Vs What next

Sorting through a messy situation should stand out first. Once you deal with that kind of situation, you can begin the process of figuring out what went wrong. Pointing the finger of blame like – ‘who did that mistake’, ‘why did that mistake’ – kind of questions may deteriorate the progress or perfection or productivity, rather.

Let’s  worry less about who screwed up last time and more on what do we need to do to learn from last time and make sure we all get it right next time.


2 thoughts on “What went wrong Vs What next

  1. PC says:

    If you put the project first, you can focus the team on resolutions. Things always go awry, if you can focus the team on “what happened” and “what do we do to move ahead,” no one takes the blame. Understanding what happened will start the ball rolling towards solutions. If testing failed on a process, it’s not because someone didn’t create a great process. It failed for a reason and it needs to be fixed. If the client isn’t satisfied with the first iteration of the solution, it’s not because someone didn’t understand the requirements. They aren’t satisfied, that’s what needs to be fixed. The words you want to hear from your team are, “XYZ product isn’t working as expected because of the volume of traffic wasn’t anticipated; here’s the solution.” Definitely not, “XYZ product isn’t working because someone screwed up and you need to fix it.”

  2. jarvarm says:

    Great to see your thoughts, Pravi.
    You should start writing your blogs rather than the EDA blog you had.

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