One professor mentions, “The definition of a machine is simple. It is anything that reduces human effort. Anything. So, see the world around you and it is full of machines.” A student, Ryan asks: “Sir, what about a gym machine, like a bench press or something? That doesn’t reduce human effort. In fact, it increases it.”

I am reading Chetan Bhagat‘s Five Point Someone, now a days. This book brings out the sheer brilliance of IIT students in a very subtle way. The professor does not know how to respond for Ryan’s question. Some students can pose fairly challenging questions based on their common sense and without any prior knowledge and unsettle teachers in the class.

Another twitter…

“Dad! Why are you calling him ( system admin) for everything? Don’t you know how to handle a computer? But, you always work on the computer itself!!!”, kid daughter of a software giant asks.

Does he has any answer?


8 thoughts on “Twitters

  1. --Sunrise-- says:

    Gangadhar garu!

    Nenu gurthunnana? How are you these days? For some reason, sudden ga mee blog gurthu vacchindi, so I searched for your blog URL through my e-mails and I finally found it! Meru etlaaga vunnaru? Good to see some familiar blogging faces! 🙂 Hope you are well… oh yeah, gurtu vacchindi, meru endakani gurthu vaccharo.. I was looking at children’s names’ meanings, and I remembered Aarush (because I fell in love with that name) and how it means the morning/rising sun… and I thought of you! Hope the little one is doing well, too. 🙂


    • jarvarm says:

      Yeah, I do remember you. So many times, i thought about you like where she has gone. Really missed your insightful comments on my previous blog.
      How are you? Are you still in UK? Just drop me an email. Gone to your blog, but it requires authentication. Forgot the password.

  2. I thought Five Point…. mocks the ‘intelligence’ of IIT Grads!

    Destination Infinity

    • jarvarm says:

      Good to see you here, DI.
      May be it mocks the intelligence of IIT grads, but i feel it makes a mark on criticizing the current grade system.

  3. Manish says:

    It is a best book by Chetan Bhagat so far…otherwise his other two literary creations seem like routine bollywood drama. Though, he has added some elements of fictional amusement in this book…..but overall it is good.

    Regarding grading system in IIT…..
    I think, the problem is not there in the grading system as such; the problem is in the mindset, they usually put a label on the students that a particular guy is intelligent and a particular one is loser, and this is solely based on the pointers (CGPA’s) and first impression, which is not right as I feel.

    But the IIT system also provides you a tremendous amount of confidence to fight with all odd’s when you have nothing in your hand and I really like this thing about IIT, apart from great minds, ample opportunities and superb infrastructures.

  4. mouna says:

    according to me, the book is boring. there are many many books in this world better than that.

    these kind of studentsare present in most good schools/colleges. it’s just that they go recognised. IIT is highlighted, oh! so good, the ordinary college is not so. no doubt, IITs are the top insititutes in the country, and the quality is too good.

  5. You have been awarded and tagged on the topic ‘Fast Furious and Danceable songs’ – why don’t you suggest some telugu songs? 🙂

    Destination Infinity

  6. Your blogpost are usually small but very insightful. Really liked the sysadmin thing.

    Very relevant to Chetan bhagat’s book you mentioned.
    Recently was reading one of the blogpost written by a teacher, he writes about the Sept 5th and talk about his students,(not with cynisism)..
    The current-days-students thinks that literature is all about reading Harry potter and Chetan bhagat’s book and the movie watching is just downloading the file from some uploaded server… On similar lines!
    I guess most of your post come out from the learning you get as a parent, Is my guess right to atleast some extent? I need to catch up on few posts which I missed.

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