Rojulu Maaraayi

This evening, I was on the way to get a hair cut. I generally get some relief whenever I do. Maybe because of the gossip and the idea of having to listen to them talk. Of course, I get the least chance to respond.

Entered into the shop and I found that 5 other guys were in a row waiting ahead of me.  But the barber surprised me and invited me to sit at the operation chair bypassing all the others. Noticing the visible confusion on my face, barber said,  “They are here not for a hair cut but for chatting. They own neighborhood shops.”

“Oh. OK”, I sat.
And as the barber started his work,one of the five men asked, ” What happened next?”

Barber flushed water on my hair and said, “Ah. What else have happened? Goddess Kanakaduraga watched Rojulu Maarayi (Times have changed) in a theater and got down from rickshaw at the kamaan(entrance) of the temple. She said to rickshawallah,’s not that times have’s actually people have changed.. and disappeared..”
Another man asked, “You believe it’s right?”
With scissors running on my head, barber said “Why not? it’s so true.. Why times change?’s morning now..night comes..and another morning comes.What’s day today? Thursday..Friday tomorrow..and so on..They never change..It’s only people change. Kanakadurga said it right..”

I was tight lipped and seeing at my lap with my head bent down.


4 thoughts on “Rojulu Maaraayi

  1. MS says:

    Hey Ganga. How funny!
    Ha ha ha 🙂 See U get doses of Gyaan from people around U, from whom U least expect to!?!?

    But yes, even I feel itz just that we are all relay-role players in this marathon race called Life…and man (or for that matter Woman also 😉 ) has been striving to set higher benchmarks through one’s deeds N performances…and this has a direct impact on our thought-process, our attitude, N our character….truly itz people who’ve changed….who’ve evolved the change..and in the future the pace can only get faster! 🙂

  2. Hidayath says:

    When they say “time has changed”, we should not take it literally, or should we? We know that it is people who change. In the late 1980s, people have lot of time and few entertainment stuff(only Doordarshan to watch), but now, people do not have time. Now life is jingilala(with Tatasky and all). Likewise, we know that sun does not rise or set, it is the earth which revolves, but still we say “Sun rises and sun sets”.

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