A picture that can never be posted!


“Hello? How far is Mall from here?”, stopped my bike and asked these people on a national highway during my road journey to a remote town called Mall(nearly 80km from Hyderabad). The man in the picture said, 20miles…”, and they started to go away from me. And I don’t know why the idea of taking this pic happened. But I interrupted them and requested them to give me a pose for this pic. They obliged and so happened this pic!!

I asked them to give their postal address so that I could post the pic.

Err.. we’re moving out of this place tonight..probably to Nellore.. And you know, we don’t have any permanent address..Where there’s a work, there we are.. If you see us anywhere in the future, you can give the photo…no problem..”, he said with a thankful tone and moved away…

These people, for better or for worse, are making their livelihood with an incessant journey from the North to the South of the country?!!??

Can I meet them again in the future?? Let’s hope so.

Update on 26th Jan, 2012: I met them this afternoon, at last after so many years!! Seen them at a building under construction near Domalguda. Taken the photo copy (a colored one) in a nearby internet cafe while accessing my online photo album. It’s cool that they remembered me!! No big difference, they say. Only the difference is – I changed my vehicle. 🙂
So this pic is been posted..I mean … given.

7 thoughts on “A picture that can never be posted!

  1. gaizabonts says:

    ganga, dont know if you have realised it – but there is more to the photo than just three faces. the story, the bike, the road and you – all facing one direction – the three ppl there – facing the other – possibly going the other way 🙂

  2. Shini Menon says:

    ganga, great post and no one but u wud have taken that foto! 😉

    There are so many such “vagabonds” in and arnd chennai these days – difference is, these ppl travel all around to sell idols or sculpted work they make or get. Their children go to rag picking and its so horrendous to see that sight!

  3. Pria says:

    An innocence in their faces walk through their lives in different directions.

    No fear but just curious “why us” and they move on where they find jobs.

    Shudn’t we feel ok than comparing all people above us for better status when we see how this people lives change day by day.

  4. Rauf says:

    a man is lost in the country side. sees one villager approaching. stops and seeks direction

    ‘How far is Mall and how do I get there ?’

    ‘pataa nahi’

    our friend takes off and he hears shouts from behind, the villager shouting waving hands, Hey babuji, there is another man beside him.

    perhaps the other man knows the directions, he drives back to the villager, he had gone nearly one kilometer.
    ‘babuji isko bhi pataa nahi’

  5. chitra says:

    liked the title :’picture that can not be posted’

    how are you? have dropped by after a long time.

  6. Hari Dornala says:

    I met these guys after three long years!! Thought i would share it with you……

    World seems to be very small as the people out of our scope suddenly appear at times. But the great thing is you remembered them and made them remember you and the incident.

  7. jarvarm says:

    Thanks, Hari. Good to see you comment.

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