RS Brothers

“Hey Dad! Who are RS Brothers?”, she is pointing to a sign board from the car window.
“It’s a shop’s name, my dear honey. May be it’s running by a group of brothers”, dad says.
“What do they do?”
“Umm.. they sell garments like saris, blouses….”
“Oh I see..” , thinking and says, “Why sell those things?”
“Ah.. They earn lot of rupees and, so they can feed their kids with lots of popcorn, potato chips, chocolates.. OK?”
Still thinking, the curious kid asks, “then what is  RS in RS Brothers?”
Dad is thinking this time..
But kid says in the mean time, “Oh I got it. My teacher says, RS means rupees like Rs. 100. So may be these brothers earning rupees, so they put it as RS Brothers… Poor papa..Stop thinking…”

Well, I witnessed the above convo recently. And started thinking then.  Our kids find the simplest things endlessly fascinating. I need to try harder to see things at their level.


10 thoughts on “RS Brothers

  1. PC says:

    But seriously,the things kids say at times are amusing yet signify the deeper insight into life….

    That girl must one interesting kid to have a good time with.

  2. Shankari says:

    really funny AND simple too

  3. Cinderella says:

    How sweet! 😮 ))
    We should all learn from kids…learn to appreciate, enjoy and derive pleasure from smallest things in life…
    “Simplest thing endlessly fascinating”. Thats true with every kid and in fact is the definition of childhood. I strongly believe that is the best period in a person’s life, though as in all other matters we realise it only after we are beyond it.

    By the way, when did you get a girl? You have only one boy, right?

  4. Anj says:

    Nice one…
    Children to teenagers to adults…our perception changes. A teenager will give you ten whacky meanings of RS…

  5. jarvarm says:

    @ Cinderella
    She is our business head’s daughter. 🙂

  6. Simplicity is something we ironically grow out of…..and then struggle in our grown-up lives to have ‘out of the box’ thinking…….great post GD

  7. filterkaapi says:

    its really gr8 hw kids look at things 4m their perspective! n d best bit it comes naturally 2 them!

  8. Shini says:

    Sadly reminds me of how innocent as kids we used to be and how as adults have outgrown it!

  9. dharmabum says:

    its like the savage who appreciates the beauty of the rainbow i guess!

  10. Mike says:

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