Your life

I found these quotes today and they struck me as very profound and it sums up how I feel about life:

“Nothing is ever wrong. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.”
“Life is like a bicycle. You don’t fall off unless you stop pedaling.”

I am discovering that even my most painful events and memories serve a purpose, they helped me become who I am today. All my life I have been learning, maybe not even realizing it, but I have been making discoveries, changing and evolving, becoming more ME. I feel like I am in such a great place in my life right now, I have made connections with the past, made peace with some painful and traumatic memories, I have learned to forgive, that each of us did the best we could with what we had available at the time, I guess in some ways, I am growing up, becoming REAL. I am trying to become healthier, do more for myself and I recognize the need to put myself first. If I don’t take care of me, then I can’t take care of anyone else.

What do you say?


5 thoughts on “Your life

  1. I agree about having to take care of yourself so that you can take care of others.

    Thanks for sharing the quotes.

  2. Shini says:

    There’s no bigger Life’s truth greater than all these quotes in your post!

  3. dwaipayan says:

    I agree. I remember once a friend told me that everything that happens to us, be it good or bad, happiness or sorrow, finally enrich us. and I did realize that in course of time.

    and I’m back to blogging, again!!

  4. sush says:

    Ganga, Me back, not with a bang, but back..n thts wht i have learnt from painful things in life…you should always come back to things closer to heart…n seems like i am not the only back to blogging :-).

  5. mouna says:

    good. perhaps, five years down the line, even when we have not achieved what we think we should have, a sense of complacency sedates us.

    it’s not a compromise, it’s perhaps satisfactory to think that we have done something worthwhile in life, something that puts a smile on another’s face. everything happens for the better!! 🙂

    i actually stumbled upon this blog, by chance. i then realised that i had done the same about a year ago. dunno what happened then. but please don’t discontinue blogging.

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