As a child he studied as hard as he could but Chemistry was something he found really hard to grasp. They wrote a test one day when he was in 7th standard. He knew he wouldn’t do well but he hoped to at least pass the test.

No such luck.

Ms. Indira (or Mindi as she was known by the students) handed out all the tests, and as per usual, saved him for last.

“Ah. Mr. Babu,” she said with her familiar smirk. “Guess what? You failed again. Am I surprised? No. Why? Because you’re an idiot. You should be at a special school because of your, uhhh, little remedial problem (Is he dyslexic!?!). You should not be here at this School. You are dropping the class average and making me look bad.”

She approached him and prodded his forehead with her stubby finger. “You irritate me.”

“Mr. Babu,” said Mindi. “Get to the front of the class and tell your classmates why you are such an idiot.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he said.

He lowered his head and went to the front of the class.

He stood there, not knowing what to say.

“Well!” she said.

“I dunno,” he said, softly. Feeling totally humiliated.

“Typical,” came her reply. “You don’t know. Pah!”

“According to you, I’m an idiot,” he said, suddenly. “But my grandmother says I’m a genius. I wonder who I’m going to believe?”

Mindi, a rather large woman, grabbed him by the collar and propelled him out of the door. She took him down to Principal’s office where he was caned three times for insubordination and told not to show his face in his office again.

He dreamed last night that Mindi was tormenting him again. She’s been messing with his dreams for quite a long time.

He woke up that morning and decided that he’ve had enough of her. He has made a decision to retire Mindi as his tormentor. She is therefore released from duty forthwith.

It is over.


He will no longer be Mindi’s victim because, truth be told, he is not a victim. He just happened to be a little, dyslexic kid who messed with a science teacher’s beloved averages.

So long Mindi.

PS: Seen the movie, Tare zameen par recently. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Dyslexic

  1. PC says:

    Very well written.. 🙂

  2. Cuckoo says:

    I agree with PC. Well written. Congrats !

  3. Teri says:

    Well written indeed.

    Isn’t it awful how the scars of our youth haunt us?

  4. Shini says:

    Cool Description! Reminds me of how badly I want to see this movie!

  5. Manish says:

    Good work again Gangadhar…….Recently i have seen this movie and for this movie, the only word comes in my mind is ..…Excellent.
    The reason I am saying this to show how Aamir and Amol Gupte (Art Director & Script writer) has made a pure film without giving into the temptation of masala like (Om Shanti Om), or ‘what would the audience like to see’ philosophy; for giving chance to fantastic yet unknown actors; for riding against the tide; for not trying to hog the limelight in the film by happily playing second fiddle to the boy (even Aamir Khan’s name comes after Darsheel Sarfi, the boy, in the credits); for giving the audience something different once again as an entertainer; and for truly caring about the society and using the medium to bring a change. Some people says…..films are only for entertainment and most of the people don’t look for any message. I am not fully agree with this statement as i feel the act of producing and directing such film really need guts, as no one sure of the box office success.

    In few words, a good celluloid work by Aamir, must watch…

  6. Manish says:

    After watching the movie, I am confuse, where is the problem? In this competitive world, in our education system or in our own mindset…or the whole thing is disintegrating as we are living in a materialistic world. May be I am over reacting but if this continue where it will end……….God knows….

  7. Abaniko says:

    Cruel teacher. She has no place in the classroom.

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