A new post

He opened the write post field of his blog and tried to write something and …and…deleted the words and stopped writing again.

The crispy, clean, fresh white field with the toolbar just sat there.

He tried again. Nothing.

He closed his eyes and contacted his inner muse:
“I have a brand-spanking-new blog,” he said.

“What was wrong with the last one?” came the reply.

“I filled it.”

“With what?” she said.

“With YOUR crazy ideas,” he said. “It’s full. Finished. Done.”


“What do you mean, oh?” he said.

“Oh is an expression of mild surprise.”

“Really. I never knew that.” he replied.

“So, what’s the problem with the new blog?”

“There is no problem.”


“Actually, I don’t know how to write. You know. Like what to put on.”

“What do you mean?” she said.

“Well, I just don’t want to write off on the wrong foot.”

“Then try using your hand.”

“Very funny.”

“Okay. Stare at the white field and tell me what comes to mind,” she said.

“What comes to mind is sitting in the drawing class at school and the drawing teacher telling me I wasn’t talented enough to draw.”

“Was he?

“Was he what?”

“Was HE talented.”

“I don’t know. I never saw his work,” he said.

“Exactly! So relax and enjoy your problem,” she said.


“And start with this thought…”

And he did.

And he enjoyed every second of it.

And he thought like if you yourself don’t keep a blog or a diary or some secret notes or a list of things to do before you expire, please give it a go. You’ll be mildly surprised at how expressing yourself with words or sentences will bring a little more sunshine into your life. Even in winter.

One thought on “A new post

  1. Shini says:

    Ur post is lovely as always! Well, for a person who has left diary-writing and blogging, almost more than a year back, it seems inviting to dwell on what u just wrote. Indeed its a nice thing to write – personally or publicly. But then, they say, your personality changes or improves over time – due either to circumstances or you tend to outgrow that habit.

    The habit of musing and self-introspecting then happens at a subtler level – need not be a blog or diary, maybe on the fly….

    But yes definitely, its good to record ur thoughts and ur musings. Someday, if u get a chance to look back at how you as a person evolved, maybe you would ned up being surprised and happy!

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