Have you ever given up on something because you couldn’t do it perfectly? I know so many people who won’t write, paint, sew and make jewelry simply because they fear their work might not be one hundred percent perfect in their eyes.

So many brilliant creative people are sidelined because they want their work to be brilliant and if it isn’t, they feel like creative failures.

A quick look at nature will show you that most things are not perfect. Have you ever seen a perfectly round stone? Have you ever seen a perfectly straight tree? Have you ever seen a movie, perfect in all areas like background score, photography, screen play, direction etc? In nature nothing is perfectly symmetrical or fair. But for some reason, nature manages its system perfectly.

Very few people have a perfect face or a perfect body and even if they do, time will create imperfections over the years.  Hmm.


6 thoughts on “Perfect!

  1. Cuckoo says:

    But this one looks like a perfect post ! 😛

  2. I think people forget that excellence is finding the best in ourselves and not in comparison with what we think is excellent.

  3. Shini says:

    Perfectionism is in itself an illusionary word. Well, nothing will ever be perfect because there are always 101 better ways to do something perfect.

    It reminds me of my “perfectionist” self, when I read your insightful post. So many times, I would blame someone at home for not doing something perfectly, where as if the same work is being done by me “not perfectly”, I just ignore that! Demanding perfectionism from others but not looking into our own, is a folly that only stupid perfectionists like me can commit!

    Thanks for the post, I’ll get reminded of it, the next time I “pretend” to be perfectionist.

  4. rk says:

    very well said, Ganga!

    there are a few people in this world who say:

    take out that inverted comma, it becomes IMPERFECT, which is what everyone in this world is.

  5. Sri says:

    Nobody is perfect, when life can be beautiful with all its imperfections, who needs perfect!!

  6. Jolvin says:

    Perfection is a waste of time methinks

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