A bunch of smiles

While walking around the tankbund this morning I saw a bunch of geese which reminded of an incident happened during my childhood.

Its about an old lady who lives in our neighborhood. She is the grand mother of our friend, Bobby.

The old lady is mean. Real mean. She used to yell and hit kids with a broom the other day because they went to get the ball in her yard. We were petrified. You should have seen our eyes.

She deflates the tires of people who park their bicycles outside her house.

The old lady is mean. Real mean. She complains to the parents if someone in the neighborhood disturbs her afternoon sleep by knocking the door to call Bobby.

The old lady is mean. Real mean.

I don’t think she has smiled since she was born.

Not until that day.

I saw her down at the park on Boats Club Lake walking that morning.

That morning the mean old lady was scowling at some kids who were feeding the geese.

Suddenly one of the geese chased the group of kids who ran off giggling excitedly. One of the kids was rather slow and the goose managed to nip him on the backside. The kid cried and burst into the most delightful, hearty laugh as he ran into his mum’s arms.

It was so cute that everyone around found themselves smiling.

Even the mean old lady.

Right, it was only a two second smile that was framed by a scowl.

Never the less it was a smile.

And I saw it.

I hoped and prayed she would get to enjoy a few more of those that holiday season.


10 thoughts on “A bunch of smiles

  1. Vaishnavi says:

    If it takes a bunch of kids to make the lady smile, let it 😀

    Skimmed through your blog after a long time. It’s really nice 🙂

  2. --Sunrise-- says:

    Have I ever told you how much I enjoy your thoughts and words…

    Really, truly, Jarvarm garu.

    I could keep reading your anecdotes for ever and ever with a little smile on my face and lost in your world.

    Even I see people like that.. people whose smiles come rarely, but when they do.. you can’t help but feel happy for them. Usually, I try and cajole another smile out of them by pretending not to notice their smiles (because I think noticing their smiles makes them feel conscious..) and carrying on with the humourous situation.. 🙂

    Your post reminds me of a line from a poem – “All that glitters is not gold.” Virtually anything you cast your thoughts onto can be gold, can’t it? If you look for it, it will be there.. shining a smile at you. 😉

  3. sush says:

    your post touch my heart…and as vaish said in her comment,I would say, if it took a goose..let it…:)

  4. Shini says:

    Reminded me of the old story of the giant who lived in a house surrounded by a huge garden and small kids. Here, the kids were driven away by the giant, only for him to find that his garden is full of ice and the seasons suddenly changed! Only then, the giant understands that kids make up the greenery of his garden and finally learns his lesson!

    Wonder if the old lady realized the value of her own smile!

  5. Java says:

    HI Ganga, Hannelie here.
    I’m still blogging, had to change a few things.
    This is the new Me! 🙂

  6. gaizabonts says:

    such a nice post and so nicely written!

  7. Manish says:

    Nice post…was reading your blog after a long break, and encountered with same freshness and vividness. I think sometimes, why some people show misery towards this beautiful gift given to us by Almighty. There is no tax for Smile; so every time when we want to smile, we don’t really need a reason.

    Last week I was watching a movie Cheeni kum, in that movie one girl asked main character why you are not happy sad, sounds crazy…but there is logic behind it. It’s better to be happy sad then sad sad.

    From now onwards, this will be a channel to keep in touch with you :).

  8. dharmabum says:

    such sweet words, thanks for spreading the smile

  9. Jolvin says:

    Very Neat – seemed like someone I knew as well

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