She just held him in her arms. She kept on holding him. He felt his heart beating for both of them. Then she smiled and took his hand. She held his hand tightly all the way back to the car without saying a word. As they walked together he knew, without her having to say anything, that she would love him and take care of him no matter what. And she did.

Sometimes a simple touch can be more powerful than a waterfall of endless words that tumble end over end out of somebody’s mouth.


7 thoughts on “Wordless

  1. Cuckoo says:

    Excellent !!! Lovely quote in the end.

  2. Radhika says:

    You have always know that I like the fact that you say a lot with with few words. My time away doesn’t seem to have changed it…and thank god for that. You mentioned ‘No Matter What’-Its implies so much. Its not easy to do that though.

  3. Shini says:

    It’s so difficult to realize that there is such a person for you in this world and then we often forget to acknowledge the fact of that special one’s presence…. I got reminded of my Mother while reading this entry!! 🙂

  4. phish says:

    i have always believed this. whole-heartedly. touch is possibly the most basic of all emotions. and excessively positive. well-written.

  5. Jolvin says:

    Yup – touch is the most beautiful of them emotions 🙂

  6. dharmabum says:

    beautiful. a touch, is indeed touching 🙂

  7. --Sunrise-- says:


    It’s amazing what leaves us at peace…

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