A forcible bye

I’ve lived in fear of a unique, terrible moment ever since my son, Aarush was born — the day I leave for work and he notices.
One of my friends told me that his kid, as he got ready to leave for work, would go on crying and crying, crying like the entire world was coming to an end.”Velloddu Nanna! “(don’t go dad!) he would wail. “Please don’t go!” But my friend would forcefully go himself away and nearly die, turning his back to see his boy begging and pleading. He said,it sure broke his heart, each and every day.
Could I take that,if that’s my case? Could I leave? Could I walk away from my son,whose cheeks’re streaming down with tears, who wants nothing but his father’s company? How could I? I was dreading and fearing about the idea.But I knew that day would come.
And one day,that day finally came. As I began to gather my things to go for work,Aarush,in the middle of playing with toys, looked up at me with his innocent eyes. He came to me and caught hold of my finger and smiled a wonderful smile!!That’s just for me! Then he followed me to the front door, said a wonderful “bye” and closed the door behind me.And me left happily as i heard him laugh and ran back to his toys.

Another phase came!! But it’s not that much easy for me(like saying “bye”)to compete with Aarush,in suppressing my feelings whenever i drop him at his school, now a days.

PS: Wrote this post nearly one year ago.

6 thoughts on “A forcible bye

  1. PC says:

    WoW! so simple a post and yet, it conveys something so deep and tender!
    Nice one Ganga! 🙂

  2. Alka says:

    Wow! I was dreading the end and getting nervous. But it was so pleasant.
    🙂 I like happy endings. 🙂

  3. Cuckoo says:

    Now this one is called a thought provoking post. Simple & yet deeper thoughts.

    Well, I have been reading all your posts whether I comment here or not.

    And this time you are tagged. 🙂

    Check my blog.

  4. Sudeep says:

    hey i remember this post of urs.. reading it still touches my heart.. nice

  5. Varsha says:

    So sweet…
    I still tell my mom sometimes to not go when she leaves for her college……..

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