A person

Instantly he had to assume more responsibility than he had ever expected to have.He had to become an emotional support for a man who had been him so many times before.
During that period he learned a lot about himself and about life.  He ended up spending time around a lot of very sick people. When he would sit with that man in ICU,  he got to see a different side of an illness, a human side.
Many times people are only identified by their disease, but people forget that a person is still inside that body.


5 thoughts on “A person

  1. It varied depending on which side of the wall one is viewing it.

    I agree many times ‘people’ forget about the person and only concentrate over the disease, how ever some times such a detachment becomes necessary for objectivity.

  2. --Sunrise-- says:

    I agree with what EU is saying.. 🙂 I was having a conversation with my friend about this the other day.. 🙂

    You just have to find the right middle ground that works for the both of you, I guess.

    Is everything OK?

  3. dharmabum says:

    dad always tells me about how some of the younger doctors refer to the patients as this ‘case’ or that…sad, for i’d rather be called by my name.

  4. Jolvin says:

    I think your title itself has a million words in it…

  5. shesawriter says:

    Hey DUDE!

    How is stuff going?


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