Buttoning a shirt

How does a four year old kid button his shirt? Okie..I’ll tell you..he simply grabs a button and after messing with it for a bit, feeds it through the eye in the fabric.Once the button and the eye match up, the task is quite simple.

But if you wanted to create ‘buttoning instructions for the kids’ and you needed to explain this on paper, the task might seem almost impossible to a child reading the instructions.Yet, kids learn to do their buttons and tie their laces without much thought.Why do they do it so easily?Because they do not dwell on the mechanics of the job at hand.They just respond to their own desire to succeed.

Well,when it comes to solving problems, many people turn this simple act into a major undertaking.For some reason, we tend to dwell on our problems and build them into huge mountains that are almost impossible to move.


6 thoughts on “Buttoning a shirt

  1. PC says:

    Very well written,Ganga. 🙂

    I don’t wannt to profess that I am the most educated person in the world or the most experienced but I truly believe that if parents allow their children to grow with freedom as well as guidance then their children will not only succeed in school or academics, but succeed as human beings as well.
    In the same way we’ve a lot to learn from them..

  2. shesawriter says:


    I took a break from blogging too, then when I clicked on the link I have to your blogsite, I got a scary message saying the site had been deleted! I’m so glad I found you. Hope your family is doing well.



  3. Abaniko says:

    Some people are even guilty of analysis paralysis. I should know. I encounter many of them in the workplace. 🙂

  4. rk says:

    and some clever guys wear round neck t-shirts (without buttons)! 😉

  5. Jolvin says:

    That’s why we should all be kids…they don’t know how to fail…and when they do they lose their childhood forever

  6. Veena says:

    So true..! Your each post sounds like a tip for parenting Ganga!
    Thanks much.

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