She’s beautiful

“She is Beautiful”
“She’s so gorgeous”
“She has the most wonderful smile, it always makes me so happy”
“Her eyes are so sparkly, I love them”
“She is adorable when she makes that expression”
“Her hair really looks pretty like that”
“That colour really suits her, she just looks fantastic in it”
“Her hands are so elegant”

Hey..those compliments or many more,perhaps,the boys could think of praising a girl. And i remember my graduation times and me used to praise like that. I’d be willing to bet on any cost that girl was never told growing up those sayings or praisings. It seems that many don’t see the point in praising up their daughters in this way. Beauty is only skin deep!?! Have you seen anyone saying like, “Look at that girl. Wow, she looks like she knows how to do a hard day’s work and I bet she makes the best pie ever. Yeah, I want that girl!” Nope, all’re praised for their external beauty.
My belief is that if a girl enters her teenage years with the complete confidence that someone finds her beautiful she’s not going to go searching for acceptance with half the boys in her year.
Never let yourself tell your girl “Don’t you have a funny looking nose?”
“Oh dear, I was hoping you wouldn’t inherit your grand father’s knees”
“You really look like a certain Star Trek character when you make that expression”
No matter how much in jest you say it and how much she laughs, there’s a decent chance that for tens of years to come that little girl will be looking in the mirror saying “She was right, I am a funny nosed,bulgy kneed, star trek character”


16 thoughts on “She’s beautiful

  1. Cinderella says:

    Coming to the blog world after a long long time…with the net connection all screwed up after I shifted to a new home !!

    It feels so good to be back with you guys and reading my favourite blogs after all these days.

    Read almost all the posts and man u’ve improved helluva lot,dunno what is it with me…havent blogged in a long while.You gotta tell me that…

    Loved this post…but you know even if guys say things like that in jest and even though a girl might take it for serious in a decade’s time dhe will always know deep inside he is the one who will love her like no other.

    So those things dont really matter I guess….mmmm…but yeah…well compliments do…lol !!!!!

  2. Liza says:

    One thing about being Asian is compliments and praises are found shameful. But a lot had changed lately..and of course in my family too I bragged and praises my kids a lot (sometime too much I think)..Hey, Ganga..when are you going to have your own daughter? Raising girls are fun you know..

  3. --Sunrise-- says:

    tee hee… i may have to disagree with you again (lolz)… it depends on the mentality of the girl, the kind of upbringing she has had/is getting, the relationship she has with her parents, the influences around her, her own self-confidence, and her ability to take a joke…

    i don’t it’s possible to come up with a defined set of rules on what to do/what not to do with teenage daughters… every single person and situation is different…

    sorryyyyyy… πŸ˜‰

  4. --Sunrise-- says:

    *i don’t think it’s possible… was what i meant…


  5. Keshi says:

    its better to be honest than to lie πŸ™‚


  6. chitra says:

    Hm so true. Not only with girl child, I think some amount of morale boosting can work wonders for all children and even adults.

  7. AngelDust says:

    Wise words Ganga.
    A young women must have self-confidence, not only not to fall for man her age, but the “old predators”
    Sorry…, that is what they are.

  8. mouna says:

    It’s too good for words!!

    what u said, is human nature, we all will look at the mirror, one day and say, somebody told that i looked ugly, some time ago, i do look ugly now, or did i really look so when the comment was passed…

  9. Abaniko says:

    You forgot: β€œshe’s hot!”

  10. Praveena says:

    One can,irrespective of a boy or a girl, only be seen as being physically beautiful…the more important characteristics that indicate a person’s moral core or system of values are not physical characteristics and so they cannot make a person beautiful.

  11. Rauf says:

    Compliments often change Gangadhar,

    Jab ek khoobsoorat ladki ghaas nahi daalti she becomes a What ? you know what.

  12. Hi Ganga
    Bad words hurt everybody…we should refrain throwing negative comments on anybody.


  13. Liza says:

    Hi Ganga! This is from previous blog right? Sorry I come here so..late. Not been blogging much lately. Hope all is fine for you!

  14. Paul Martin says:

    Great advice, those sorts of remarks can cut deep.

    Just updated my roll and have linked to your new blog –


  15. Shini says:

    Got to ur blog finally Ganga! This entry is amazingly forthright! Kudos to you for that.

    I like it when guys talk more than just the weight a girl should lose or the way a girl should keep her bindi etc etc! Obviously these make her look “beautiful”!

    Wonder why guys dont talk about the numerous other good things in their girl friends/wives! Looks like those need to be there by default. Its sad, but forget wives/gfs, sometimes as children we donot appreciate how our own Moms manage our home and how beautiful it makes them!

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