Satisfactory way of Living

He says, “In the past, little things could be done with love, but big things required money. Now, big things can be done with love.”

Until recently, the radius and half-life of our affection has been limited? And is he right?

4 thoughts on “Satisfactory way of Living

  1. gaizabonts says:

    Without Jay’s context: the little things were really big things – only now – all the little things have come together – making it big.

    With Jay’s context: Do they do it for love? True, unadulterated love?

  2. Shankari says:



    What is money? 😮

  3. Jolvin says:

    Looks like the stock of love just increased 🙂

  4. --Sunrise-- says:

    Gaizabonts’ comment has left me completely and utterly confused. 😐 lol.

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