Ram Gopal Varma

Ram Gopal Varma!!!! In the movie world he is popularly known as Ramu. A civil engineer by profession, Ram Gopal Varma entered into the world of cinema by choice but not by circumstance. His self-proclaimed love for movies has been the primary source of his film-making knowledge, which he translated on screen effectively. Whenever I read his name or hear his name from anybody or see him in a magazine or television, I just have an undefined feeling. You can see my eyes twinkling with lot of adulation. If anybody places a topic about him I indulge in incessant discussion. Nonstop. ‘His movies are like dis and his movies are like dat’ format. Someone may get bored, of course!
If any of his movies flops, I defend him by saying, “Ramu’s movie creates sensation whether it’s a hit or a flop. You see, this film has so many technical values. It’s sad that you haven’t reached Ramu’s concept….” If anyone blames him, there will definitely be a fight..Not a physical fight.. An altercation. I always try to win..
During my college days, my friends used to tease me by making sarcastic conversations about his movies. But I didn’t take them as light though I’m a fun loving person basically.

I’ve grown up now. I think, this passion for celebrities generates when we’re in the teenage and ends gradually as the age goes on due to responsibilities, career advancements, lack of time. But my passion for RamGopalVarma still remains on! I’ve seen so many boys and girls having dying passion for their favorite celebrities, seen them buying and hanging costly wall posters in their personal rooms and ‘ve seen them placing desktop slideshows, screensavers on their personal computer sytems. But I never did such things..You cannot see a single pic of Ramu in my room, as I admire his works and he is close to my heart..
I have a peculiar attitude of taking opinion about a Ramu’s movie, from strangers, though I’m against talk with strangers in other aspects. This irresistible nature leaded me to face some funny incidents. During the interval of a Ramu’s movie in a theater, I asked my fellow spectator,”How’s the movie?”. He said, “It’s  going on fantastic. Good. Good..And by the way,what’s your part in this movie?”
One evening I came home from office. My woman told me at the entrance, “Hey, you’re late. Just now, your Ramu’s interview finished off on TV….” Then I hurriedly said, “When it repeats, any idea?”… She has a kind of feeling that– if I have a chance to choose her and Ramu then I would select Ramu, first. She says like that..I don’t know what will I do then.
Am I crazy about him?Am I mad about him? Am I a hardcore fan of Ram Gopal Varma? Why? But my aim of writing this post is not to justify my adulation about Ram Gopal Varma but about the feelings of a man who’s fascinated by an ace film maker..
Are you a fan of any celebrity? Does anyone of you have this kind of feelings about your favorite? Or am I behaving like a stupid and childish guy without having the needed mental maturity? This is not a self curse..Just wanted to share with you all.
And I have two desires right now..One, to meet Ram Gopal Varma for atleast once and the second, but not the least,to see one of our ace bloggers, Sonia Faleiro to comment on my Dexterous Doings for atleast once!!!

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31 thoughts on “Ram Gopal Varma

  1. Tarun says:

    I like his movies because he tries different subject everytime….but no offend to him I actually didn’t like the cast of remake of sholay he is making. If that cast is true what I read. Second good thing is he always try to give chance to unknown faces who don’t have any god father but only talents.

    Ganga, you seems busy now-a-days that’s why don’t see ur comment on my post.

  2. Het Waghela says:

    Hi Ganga,
    Its been ages since I have been on net but since past few days am getting some time to share and come by my dear bloggies.
    Truely speaking bout feelings you have for RGV, is something which i too have. His style of making movies is totally differenct, even if you see his flop movies it won’t be coz of his direction but some other reason like script or some such thngs. His movies are always worth a watch.

  3. exasparater says:

    ya!! i saw only two movies of him… one is telugu movie( nagarjuna and sridevi acted together and there was a theme music “govinda”) and another is sarkar…

    two movies are good, but sarkar is xcellent…

  4. Art says:

    I am crazy about Aamir Khan.. But no posters or anything of that sort… Just love his acting so much 🙂

  5. Hul says:

    hez just different. not all are good, some are better….now dont start a fight with me..!

  6. Michele says:

    Being in the US, we don’t see too many foreign films, which is too bad. There are so many great ideas we are missing. I recently found, by accident, an actor by the name of Hritik Roshan. Haven’t a clue as to pronounce the first name. Have you ever heard of him?

    I guess he’s been involved in quite a few controversies, not of his doing…so it is said.
    I wouldn’t know.
    But again, another example of missed viewing opportunity.

  7. praveen says:

    yeap..ram gopal varma is definitely one of a kind director..

    i used to look up at ARR alot for his brilliance in composing music..but i’m not very happy at the way he’s going rite now…

    I like Surya for his ability to carry out every role with true poise and for trying out new roles every time..

  8. Keshi says:

    He’s a great person and superb director.

    Am I crazy abt any celebrity? Well I would love to meet Kurt Cobain of Nirvana or atleast be in one of his Live concerts..but that will never happen cos he’s dead now.


  9. Sudhakar says:

    Wow..how beautifully explained your feelings about RGV..And I strongly wish your two desires fulfill soon..

  10. susubala says:

    I would prefer meeting Mother Teresa, the lost lovely soul, if she is alive. I just want to lie on her lap surrounded by her pro
    tective and lovable hug !

  11. Sudarshan says:

    I love Ramu..like your case, a very tiny number of my friends admire him…most of them criticise him!! But then, I know how to shut their mouths..I’m loyal to him right since I watched Rangeela like 10 years ago..he’s a class director, and a down-to earth and wonderful human being. His films are powerful and impact- making. I’ll always be a huge fan of Ramu..each time a movie directed by him is released, I send out hundreds of smses asking my friends to watch it!!
    Glad to know you love Ramu as well!!

  12. Hi Ganga, thank you for your kind words.
    You’ve left many insightful comments on my blog, and I should have receprocated a long time ago.

    The last RGV film I watched (if you include the ones he produced) was Bhoot. I was terrified, even though I love scary films and watch them repeatedly, that I had to leave during the interval.
    But wasn’t Kaun amazing?
    I haven’t seen the new ones though–Sarkar etc. I’m looking forward to Darna Zaroori Hai, though. It has got an interesting bunch of directors, one for each story. He is going to be directing Don, or will someone else do it?

  13. Hiren says:

    His movies are unique no doubt but his claim about remaking sholay and saying that Abhishek is a better actor than Amitabh are a bit far fetched.

  14. dwaipayan says:

    have got flu!!can’t read such a long post now

  15. Tarun says:

    Thanks for dropping by ganga. My personal blogs links are already there on top of readers-cafe.

    my lonely planet is here http://www.readers-cafe.net/mlp

  16. Sushmita says:

    most of RGV movies are good…i am not able to remember the one tht flopped though…but i know there are a few..but excepting those..most of his movies are awesome!! and now SRK in his movies..i can only anticipate wht its gonna b like :).BTW, gr8 post..very informative.

  17. Sudeep says:

    I also luv his movies n there is nothing wrong in worshipping someone… just remembering the limits is important

  18. Rohit Talwar says:

    I love RGV’s work! Imake it a point to catch his films!

  19. MS says:

    Hey Ganga,

    Truly yaar, RGV is certainly one amongst the creme-de-la-creme of directors in the country today. Agree with you completely.


  20. PuNeEt says:

    hey dude
    thats a fantastic post…

    i luv RGV’s movie like nething
    am a big fan

    have seen his flop movies like
    james, naach etc etc
    bt wen he directs he rocks
    no match 🙂

    sahin hain 🙂

  21. archie says:

    his movies are totally different from others.. be it technical or anything.
    I say to my friends that “i didn’t lyk” or “its too boring” whateva ..i still watch his movies again n again. 😉 i neva get bored.

  22. preetishere says:

    Ramu’s qualities are on a decline now i think…antara kaa asar!!!…his works used to be awesome!!..but just didnt like gaayab!!it sucked!sorry for that..:(

    babyeee take care:)

  23. Alka says:

    I liked several of his movies, but not a fan of his. Some of his movies are really great. I specially like that he give chance to newcomers. Very few directors/producers take this risk.

  24. susubala says:


    Gud Morning Ganga. How was ur week end. Hope u enjoyed being with ur family after a week’s time !


  25. Praveena says:

    Hey Ganga,
    I love Ramu’s movies.I never missed a single movie of RGV..He’s set a trend for young directors in indian cinema.He’s the only person from our telugu industry who made a big knock at bollywood and he’s so successful over there..
    yeah u and alka are right…he’s given tremendous chances to new comers…made their career.Each and every actor from bollywood wants act in a typical RGV movie..not only a small time actor..but veterans like Amitab and Sharukh told about this in so many interviews…Amitab did a mark in Sarkar and i’m glad that Sharukh is going to make his debut with RGV..I’m so keen in waiting for that movie…
    And overall this is out and out..my favorite post!

  26. Ramya says:

    It’s so nice to know your feelings about Ramu! So genuine about your passion about your favorite director.
    I too have similar kind of feelings about my favorite singer.
    I like Ramu’s movies too..but the only thing is he is not working well with songs..though he made some beautiful songs with rangeela,mast,satya..etc.I’d like see his talent in picuturising song sequences in the near future..
    And I’m glad that your favorite blogger,Sonia faleiro commented here.

    take care,Ganga

  27. ANKIT says:


    1.well it seems you are as impressed by ramu as i am of rahmaan,,,and i certainly think..RAHMAAN+RAMU was(…is?) a combination which would easily outclass many director-technician combo….hope they shed their differences ..and work together for their fans …..
    2.about RAMU i think it is certainly his fearlessness that does the trick,,,,,i mean the films made by his Factory just generates a different aura itself…even the lesser films of his like ROAD,JUNGLE,VAASTU SHAASTRA,(though i didnt like this one..),D…are testimonials to it…
    3. the output he generates from his team is also mind-boggling….
    4. the best think about his films is the charaterization…DAUD,SARKAR(rahmaan+ramu),,,were just too good …are perfect eg. among his many works..
    5. in SARKAR ,,he actaully made SILENCE speak..great technician.

    sorry sir! for the long comment…i am his fan too,,as you can make out.

  28. Radical says:

    Hey gangadhra i also feeling same thing with RGV. u have written exactly what i feel about varma.thanks for that

  29. Giridhar says:

    First of all Im unable to read entire post but here is my note: He joined in Mechanical engineering in VRSEC an engineering collage in Vijayawada, that happens to be my collage.

    I think he got the inspiration for the first movie from there only.

  30. Gangadhar says:

    First of all,welcome to moi blog!! And why you’re unable to read this entire post? Take your own time,man..I’d be happy then..
    But I’ve seen an interview in which he himself told that he did his civil engg in Siddardha Engg college!! Anywayz tnx for the clarification….

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