Are you lazy to get up early from sleep? And this affects you going to your college or office on time? And you hate your habit of getting late in the morning? Then what might be the solution for it? Alarm clock comes into our rescue,naturally. But this solution cannot rectify the problem for so many people.Why?
“God made lazy bums. Man invented the snooze to make them even lazier. And am not sure who invented the concept of โ€œOfficeโ€ to make the lazier ones repent for their laziness.” These are not my words. Somu, a vivid blogger,in his previous post Snooze alarm describes how he suffers with this problem in a very interesting way..
And there is a good news for the people who sincerly want to get rid of this habit. Here it is:
Gauri Nanda of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT), invented an alarm clock that runs away and hides!!! It is designed to overcome abuse of the snooze feature on most alarm clocks, Clocky falls to the floor and rolls away on the first push of the snooze button. To turn it off, a person must get out of bed and find it. Interesting? Read more on Slashdot or the MIT website. And Gauri was recently awarded the Ig Nobel prize in Economics for this invention. In the MIT site, you can have the mail id, phone number and address if wanna proceed further!!
And I e-mailed Gauri, congratulating her. She was so nice, replied immediately and thanked for my interest. She said in the mail that Clocky was about to be put into production and would be on the market early next year. A certain amount of pre-release Clockies may be available to list subscribers, sign for which can be found here:
Subscribers will also have a chance at a Clocky giveaway.
Well,I too have this kind of problem.But I’m less worried about this all. Because my son,Aarush is a natural alarm for me!! He gets up early at 6am and makes me get up to play with him.


17 thoughts on “Clocky

  1. Rays Of Sun says:

    before, somebody peeks in, Me first:) Now let me read the post.Yeayyyyyy

  2. Rays Of Sun says:

    Thanks for the interesting links. I posted a BIG comment which was eaten up by the world wide web:((

    Aarush is a nice name.What does it mean? Check my response to your comment on my latest post:D

  3. thennavan says:

    Yeah, I read about this. Really funny (maybe they should bring up a model the next time, that kicks someone when they try to press the Snooze button) ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Gangadhar says:

    Raysofsun: Kavita,you’re most welcome…
    Aarush means first ray of Sun!!! A part of your username…lol
    And yeah ‘ll check into your blog..thanx..

  5. Rays Of Sun says:

    Hi Ganga!
    Thats AWESOME! you know there is a friend on my BLOG also, named Pradyot..which also means Sun rays:)
    Wow, I have the penchant for finding Raysofsun:)
    Well, maybe you should help me wake up, by making me listen to Aarush’s voice. I have a hard time getting up. Almost never listen to the alarm:)
    Man, can’t believe that girl is just 25!!Very informative:)

  6. Gangadhar says:

    thennavan: Good to see you here,Mukundan…Yeah Gauri said they would release the product in the next year

  7. sophia says:

    i always fine something good useful informative here

  8. Divya.B says:

    Hmm..a fancy concept..personally , my mom and dad are real experts in waking me up.i might not need it:-)

  9. Gangadhar says:

    raysofsun: I’m glad you liked my son’s name!! Well, great to know about your friend’s name,Pradyot!
    No way..Aarush can’t help you dear..You seem like Kumbhakarna’s
    And yeah..Gauri is only achieve this great inveention! So inspirational nah?

    Sophia,Thanks a lot Sophie!!Great to hear from you…

  10. Gangadhar says:

    divya.b:So you too worried about this problem of waking up by your own? Right? Then think of about independence!! Lol..
    Then comes the Clocky!!
    Nice to be here,Divya..

  11. Rays Of Sun says:

    Kumbhakaran is the right word:(
    I am 25 too..and look at me, still finding myself. God knows when I will get the coveted degree..

  12. sai thilak says:

    Good innovative product… isn’t it ? good post ganga !

  13. Arz000n says:

    That was something nice ot know about…

    Run and hide alarm clocks…
    will be worth trying out…

    Maybe ma pet cats at home will think its a “talking rat” or something ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Divya says:

    tht was a cute alarm clock ๐Ÿ˜›

  15. Praveena says:

    Wow Ganga! It’s really interesting clock…I’ll spread dis one to all of my friends…And Gauri is so intelligent to think in a way to solve snoozing effect…

  16. Sudhakar says:

    It’s amazing,Gangadhar..I’ll definitely try this clock..And I’ll go the site and register for myself…
    Thanks to Gauri Nanda!!

  17. Ramya says:

    Wonderful clock it is really…First of all i want to congratulate Gauri Nanda or this invention…Congrats ,Gauri! We should appreciate for the idea itself…
    And Ganga,thank you so much for sharing the info with relevent links…

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