You need a longer day?

Change from 24 to 28 hour a day? Yep.. you heard it right. There seems to be people who really do live like this. This basically means 4 day work week and only six nights of sleeping. In return you get 56 hour weekend. When I first started reading about 28 hour day I thought, “No Way!” But the more I read the more I think it would be a good idea.

Some excerpts from this concept are -

Reasons why the 28 hour day is such a good idea

1. Reduced frequency of daily chores: Anything that you currently do daily would only be done six times a week instead of seven. On a large scale, this would have a measurable effect on the public’s appetite for consumables.
2. Work only four days a week. While you still work a minimum of 40 hours a week, you only go to work 4 times instead of 5. If you commute 1 hour to work, you save an hour each week commuting.
3. Transit pollution cut by 20% If EVERYONE adopted the 28 hour day, the rush hours with which we are all familiar now happen only 4 times a week instead of 5 times a week. Air pollution due to commuting would instantly be cut by 20%.
4. Productivity and free time. If you refer to the “Typical Day Comparison Chart” you’ll see that the longer day not only gives you more time at work, but also more time with your family and friends AFTER work. A typical 28 hour day might give you 11 hours at work, 8 hours of free time, and a refreshing 9 hours of sleep. Just think of what you could accomplish on a day like that!
5. The Long Weekends: Under the 28 hour day system, your weekend is still two days long, but those two days now total 56 hours, 8 more than the previous 48. The weekend is fully 1/3 of the week.
6. Every Day is Different: The four hour difference between a 28 hour wake/sleep cycle and the 24 hour light/dark cycle, would create a “sun offset”, which would make each day of the week substantially different in terms of the position of the sun at various times. One day you might have lunch under the stars. Another day, you might breakfast at sunset.

Read the original at 28hour Day

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16 thoughts on “You need a longer day?

  1. Atul Sabnis says:

    I wouldn’t mind this at all. I know many wouldnt break structures. will we have change watches and calendars too? ;-)

  2. Somu says:

    That sounds like a great concept…
    But let me tell u the downside to it…
    4 more hrs of mega serials :o ))))

  3. Sudeep says:

    I bet tht i would still end up doing my chores till the last hour.. he he
    i dont mind swapping the new hours alloted for sleeping n work

  4. Tarun says:

    It seems people have lots of free time to think all about this ;) but what we will do with sun in this 28 hours day….did they tell anything about this?

  5. Art says:

    haha… would like to try this for atleast a week…
    It would be weird… but an exciting different weekend!!!

  6. Het Waghela says:

    Hey Ganga,
    When are we starting this?

  7. Marel Lecone says:

    Hello–I’m doing well. Just working too much. I think this proposal would work for me. Take care. :)

  8. Ravi says:

    Wow, first reaction is to say that this is a true paradigm shift as to how we understand / structure our daily lives! I need to re-read your post for the significance/ramifications of this concept to sink in! ON the other hand, i MUST work for 10 hours? NO WAY! ;) Ravi @

  9. Meenal Mehta says:

    yes please ..28 hrs days sound make that 30..that would be so much better:-)

  10. Allison says:

    ok, 1 week of 28 hour days is still the same as 1 week of….wait….this is too confusing. i’m sitting in my Late Imperial China class learning about The Qing Dynasty…….I should pay attention.
    Will stop by later. Have a great Day!!


  11. Michele says:

    I’ll keep the status quo.

    Someone will mess it up somewhere (i.e. politicians) and we’ll be worse off.
    I heard someone is thinking of altering Daylight Savings Time over here….that’s a major concept in and of itself. It this goes through, it will be a litmas test for the 28 hour day thingy.
    I’ll take a seat in the bleachers and watch the action with this idea…..

  12. Arundhati says:

    Ah well! When we will get used to 28 hour days, you will make the same arguments to make ‘em 32 hour ones right :-) !

  13. Teri says:

    But I fall asleep when it gets dark… I don’t think it would work so well for me. My sleep wake cycle is strongly tied to the sun. It’s a very interesting concept, though.

  14. Paul says:

    Maybe a lot would depend on how many people are really working 8 hour days. My job was normally probably averaging 10 a day anyway, so for me the longer day could have made sense.
    But someone who’s really used to 8 hours might find 10 a really long day…

  15. missnupur says:

    Excellent idea! It makes sense to me,….. but how do I convince my boss?! :D

  16. thennavan says:

    I was about to say as per this concept people will actually get 2 hours lesser sleep per week (9 x 6 instead of 8 x 7) but then I realized that since you anyway have two full “weekend” days, you could make it up by sleeping more on those days but an idea worthy of consideration neverthless :-)

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